DCUO Broker

The Broker in DCUO is different than the Auction House in World of Warcraft.

What do I mean?

The big difference is the prices in DCUO can change dramatically and some things are millions of dollars.  Milllions $$$!  There is no increments like Gold, Silver, and Copper in World of Warcraft.

It is similar in that if can break items up by category.  It does have a pretty useful option when selected let’s you include items that are useful to you.

Recently I started to play again and these Qwardian Time Capsules would drop from every mob.  I had no clue what they were except that you could use real life money to unlock them.  They would drop all kinds of useful items that could help you get a ahead in the game and even gave you the potential to unlock cool cosmetic items via collectibles.

Little did I know that some of these collectibles sold for Millions of Cash.  I was putting pretty much every collectible on there for $1,000 if I already had it.  Thinking I was being generous and helping the community.  It wasn’t until after I spend a $20 Gamestop gift card on Stabilizers that I realized I need $5,000,000 Cash for one of the super rare Collectibles called a Winning Lottery Ticket.  I needed it for a really cool Aura I wanted called Citrine Misted Aura.  See Below:

I had to remember my skills I learned from making Gold during my World of Warcraft days.  In order to obtain the ultra rare item I needed I would have to pay real money to unlock Time Capsules or wait every 3 days to open x1 Time Capsule.  I am still in the middle of my debt repayment plan in real life.  This is also the month of March where it is my wife’s birthday, taxes, rental insurance and website hosting due all in the same month.  My real life funds will not allow me to pay extra on my digital goodies.

I had to use the thing between my two ears.  My brain.  I had to think.  When was the last time I had to think?  I can’t remember.

Why I am short changing myself on missed opportunity on thousands to millions of Cash in DCUO?  Why am I still buying items for my Base that I hardly go to?  Why am I spending Cash on Style items that are useful but not as cool as the Citrine Misted Aura?  I had to stop spending to save up for the real thing that I wanted, that god damned Winning Lottery Ticket.

So going back to the skills I learned from my first ever MMO I ever played.  I remembered that I needed to find something rare to sell or something worth my time to farm and sell.

Those Simple Material, Complex Materials, and Anti-Matter Motes are dropping from the Qwardian Time Capsule.  I was saving them for special emblems.  They must be worth something?

I wondered how much they sold for?  I checked the Broker.  Bingo!  I found my millions.   I didn’t realize I was sitting on stock pile of Cash.  So I sold them.  I also sold my extra stacks of Exobits and Exobytes.

In order to reach my goal of $5,000,000 I was still short.  Then I remembered those extra non-useful armors I was getting could be Salvaged in to Simple Material, Complex Materials, and Anti-Matter Motes.  I knew exactly what to farm and all I had to do was to continue playing the game as I always did.  Just needed to run Solos, Duos, 4-mans and 8-mans.

So I did.

Remember those Base Items I kept buying? I also remembered that certain Base Items sold for a lot of Cash, too.  Again, I asked myself what is more important?  I started to sell them, too.

Did I figure out the Secret to making Millions in DCUO?  Sell Everything, Don’t Undercut,  Pay Attention to the Rares and sell them for more, and Salvage all the useless Armors you get and sell the materials, sell your Base items, sell Exobits, sell, sell, SELL!  Also, stop spending.

Now Imagine if I could apply these skills in real life.  My debt would be paid off and I could start my positive cash flow earlier.

‘Til next time…



I have been playing DCUO off and on for a while now and just recently it occurred to me that Wow terms are very different from DCUO terms. While leveling to level 30 most of DCUO consist of running solo quests and doing some instances.  Just the other night I actually received help from Shout chat not Trade chat.  We did a few quests and ran a few instances.  I actually had fun.

I am going to note a the differences here on this blog post.  Even a Veteran Wow player needs to be shown the ropes especially while playing a different game.

One Major Difference is Player Housing or in DCUO it’s called a Base.  You can actually decorate your Base with all kinds of furniture called Base Items.  My toon has a very kinky set up at the moment.

Character names can have Capital Letters and x1 Space.

Sometimes this game feels like a play to win.  There is a Marketplace where you can use real money to get cool vanity items and some benefit added to your character.  Eg. Make it easier to find stuff eg R&D Scanner.

Your Character starts by selecting a power then a weapon.  Your weapon you can change later on.  You customize your character from the head down (Skin, Hair, Costume, Aura, etc).  There is no race and no racial bonuses.

Styles. DCUO had a way to change your look before Wow had Transmog.  You actually collect looks much like how you can collect appearances in the Transmog Tab in Wow.

Here is a list of terms:

Wow Term = DCUO Term

AH = Broker – I actually told someone last night that I was in the Meta Wing’s AH.  He said, “What? I don’t understand.”

Mail = Mail

Quest Log = Journal

Enchantments = Mods

Enchanting Mats = Exobits and R&D Components (which by the way sell for a lot of Money in the Broker or you can trade them for Auras)

Gold = Money

Transmog = Style

Inventory = Bags

Bank = Bank

Guild = League

Potions = Soder Colas

Talent Trees = Traits

Spellbook = Loadouts

Achievements = Deeds – Unlike Wow, DCUO rewards you for experiencing the game.  The Feat points do matter and every 100 Feat points gives you x1 Skill point.  Skill points allow you to increase your abilities and equip a greater variety of weapons.  Further down their respective tress you can get stat bonuses or add them to your Movement Tree.

Mounts = Movement – There are no Mounts in DCUO.  You can pick between Flying, Super-Speed, Skimming, and Acrobatics.

Map = Map

Stormwind or any other major city = HQ eg. for Heroes it is the Watchtower.  Remember the Justice League cartoons?

Mage Portal = Teleporter – You don’t need a Mage to port.  Just need to go the specific Teleporter.

Raid Finder = On Duty

PvP = PvP

Well that should be a good start.  I hope some of you check it out.  It is a good break from the Fantasy Genre and a good escape to the Super Hero DC Universe.  I really enjoy the comic book style cut scenes after completed each group activity.  It’s bed time for me.  Good Night. /sleep

‘Til next time…


The Break

I have taken a break from World of Warcraft. I am not sure if I will renew the hosting services for this website in March. I can’t see myself paying $13.00 a month on something I haven’t used since September. Well if it is good bye I will always be on Twitter.

‘Til next time…

! Guntitan


Be warned.  Once you make it to a Barber Shop.  The only option you get removed once you spend a couple of hours or so in the starting zone is the Skin Color.  Night Elf had the option for normal looking skin, a fel themed skin, and a hardened demon like skin.


I went with the hardened demon skin with the hardened face.  I wish Blizzard went with the option to change your Skin Color since we are only allowed one Demon Hunter per server.  Essentially you would have to delete your current Demon Hunter then remake your Demon Hunter. Just make sure you pick up all the hidden items.  The important 2 items you need to make sure you get are the 28 slot bag and the buff item that increases your agility and stamina, Inquisitor’s Menacing Eye.  See this guide for more details.

If you wish to change your skin you could pay $15 to for an Appearance Change.

Well that’s it.  That’s how far I got on my Demon Hunter.  I can’t wait to see more Lore.  Basically a free level 100.  Get it to 110 before the next holiday event and you will have another toon to help you farm the elusive Big Love Rocket.

‘Til next time…

! Guntitan

I wanted to pimp out Windows 10 with a Crunchyroll Theme so I made a wallpaper.


Also check out this anime.  It reminds me of an 80s cartoon with an epic story line.  Then I found out it is based off a series of books written by an Australian author.  It is amazing.


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! Guntitan


I have been watching Anime on this website more than anything else in my life!  Imagine a free, ad free, virus free, streaming service that shows the latest and most popular animes from Japan. If you subscribe you get the added benefit that provides the Anime episode the day of or the day after it is released in Japan.  They also have Manga, TV shows, and Movies, too.  No more waiting months for a VHS tape to arrive in the mail in order to watch an anime sent from a cousin of a friend who lives in Japan.

After a long stressful day at work and after my wife and son go to sleep.  I put on my Skullcandy Aviators and turn my Samsung Tab 3 7.0 and just watch anime.  I just Immerse myself in other worlds.  Distraction free except for a few minor sips of my favorite beverage.

I encourage you all to check it out.

I just figured out that these were once the regular dogs that were here.

My brother wanted me to move servers with him so he paid for my server transfers.  Crazy huh?

I redid the bank alt about 4 times on the new server.  I finally settled for the name Skullcoins (she’s a DK).  Used the same white hair color, face, skin color or as close as I could remember.  Originally I was leveling this Death Knight thinking Doubloon is still on Sargeras and I left her behind.

The Death Knight

The Death Knight

Felt guilty about leaving her but it had to be done.  When I finally got to Stormwind, I purchased x8 inexpensive Netherweave Bags and x4 Frostweave Bags.  Purchased the bank slots and equipped the bags.

I purchased the guild charter and luckily got 4 guildless souls to sign my charter, one was Liddy.  I named the new guild bank <The Nightmare Banker>.  Then Purchased the first 3 guild bank slots.  I’ll probably pick up more slots when I start to make more gold.

I started to put back all the mats, BOAs, etc in the bank and newly formed guild bank.  We were putting things on the AH and moving items between toons.  She started to feel like Doubloon.

Then as soon as I moved over my old bank alt gear to her and equipped them.  She transformed back in to Doubloon.  My bank alt is back.  Same skin, different name and a higher level.  The benefits out weighed the costs.  You now have a better bank alt.

The Bank Alt

The Bank Alt


She will cook for you, fish for you, store your goods, organize your bank for you, run to the store for you, etc.  Just like a good house wife. She already comes equipped ready to bandage you with First Aid at level 270 and unlocked recipes.

You can still put Enchanting and Engineering on her.  She will have access to higher profession levels which is especially useful for disenchanting low level mats.


She will wear the finest outfits up to level 60 or greater which equates to more looks. She can still equip the Diamond-Tipped Cane.  She also has access to pink hair if you are a Night Elf.  My brother recommends leveling your bank alt to level 70 so you can have access to more variation of looks with the gear from Outland.


She will have a mini sprint called Death’s Advance.  She will also get free ground riding from being a Death Knight.  The Death Gate to Ebon Hold will get you around Azeroth.  She will have access to a bunch of flight points for access to those secret vendors that sell you those recipes and other items for profit.   She will even ride your flying mount because just one more level and she’ll have flight.

If you level the bank alt higher you will get access to unique but useful traveling abilities.

Level 58
Death’s Advocate – A mini sprint which increases your passive run speed by 10% and when activated will increase your run speed by 30%.

Level 61
On a Pale Horse – An ability that passively increases your mount speed by 20%.

Level 66
Path of Frost – An ability which will allow you and your raid members to walk on water.  This ability is so useful my brother actually won the Stranglethorn fishing tournament on a level 70 Death Knight.  He did get a lot of unpleasant whispers that day.

Please see additional information on the original The Bank Alt Post.  I hope you will take the time to redo your bank alts.  It was the most unpleasant experience of my life but worth it.  It was like pulling String of Alligator Teeth out of the Bag of Shiny Things from Dalaran’s fishing daily .

‘Til next time…

! Guntitan