Custom Windows Theme: NightSky

Hello everyone,

This is my first blog post regarding anything related to Windows.  I think it is.

Microsoft released an update back in 2016 regarding adding a background image to the Login Screen. My wishes were fulfilled (I actually submitted feed back requesting this feature when Windows 10 first came out).  I am not entirely sure when I noticed when it got implemented.

Google Images

Use Google Images to find your wallpapers. is not updated to the modern screen resolutions. Search by your preferred resolution and the words “anime wallpaper.”  Like this… “1920×1080 anime wallpaper”

File Manager

Save your preferred set of wallpapers in a New folder.  I picked a name that would be the name of my Theme. You can always rename it later. You could always back up the images you collect to Google drive and use it on multiple computers.

To easily save the image in the right screen resolution. After you conduct your search click the image you want.  Then Right click the image as seen above.  Then click Save Image as… you don’t need to rename it.


Choose your Background to be Slideshow.  Trust me.  Having it change is way cooler.  Plus if your second monitor is an extension of your primary monitor you will be able to have 2 different wallpapers on each screen.  Pick the folder you saved all your images in and Remove any other folders from the list “Chose albums for your slideshow.”  Don’t delete your Pictures folder in File Manager.

You can adjust the rate the images change.  I have mine at 30 minutes.  You want Shuffle to be on.

For Choose a fit I picked Center.  My second monitor is actually a TV with a lower resolution than my primary monitor. If I had lower resolution wallpapers to match my second monitor’s resolution the primary monitor wallpaper would look pixelated. At Center you preserve the integrity of the image without sacrificing image quality.  Edit: Fit is much better for screens with different aspect ratios and lower resolutions.  I would change it to Fit instead of Center. Either way it looks good.

You also have the option to change your background color.  It won’t matter if your wallpaper resolutions are the matching resolution of your screen.  It is set at Black for this theme.


For Colors you may automatically pick an accent color.  I don’t recommend this and would rather have a set color.  For this I choose Default Blue.  Transparency effects are On.  I disabled showing the accent color on the Start, taskbar, action center and Title bars.  Default app mode is set to Dark.

Lock screen

For some reason slideshow still uses Picture as your Lock screen.  Pick a picture from a part of your slide show as the Background. Then pick a folder for your slideshow.  You need to make sure to set up both.  Same as Background. If you have multiple folders here it will display all of them so Remove any additional folders.


For Taskbar settings, you could leave everything alone.  I do disable the Taskbar on Multiple displays.  I use my second monitor to stream shows from Netflix, VRV, Directvnow, etc. Having the taskbar on the second monitor is a minor annoyance. Also the primary monitor is lower than the secondary. It’s like up like a ZTE Axon M.

Custom Profile Icon

Click on Windows “Start Button.” Go to your Username. Right click it.  Click Change Account Settings.  Create your picture. Choose Browse for one. I used a picture from the collection I found on Google Images that matches well with my theme.

Once you are done. Go to Themes.


Save and name your Theme. You could go one step further and change your mouse and how it looks.

Below is the Zip file containing the collection of Wallpapers I discovered and are currently using for this theme:

Enjoy your new theme with a custom Lockscreen, Login screen, Backgrounds and a custom profile Icon that matches your Login screen.

Here is a Bonus Image I forgot to include in the Zip file.  I can’t use it at work but my theme on the work computer is the same setup.

’til next time…

! Guntitan


You can also save your themes.

NightSky Theme

I’m Back…

Well I am back temporary for you know the 13th Anniversary and Christmas stuff.  I might play, I might not play.  Anything I should know?  I still feel lost.

I was resubbed for 2 months starting in September and logged in for the Blizzcon mounts.  Played on Guntitan, got some quick Artifact Power then I didn’t feel like playing after that.  I spend most of my free time watching Anime at and writing short post about it on my Facebook group about Anime.

Also, I got a new job in May.  I am the Operator/Receptionist/Processor/Mailroom Clerk(receiving, sorting, and sending).  When I interview they said I was over qualified. Never thought much about it until I started to do the job.  I never knew how much I was going to love it, until I started to do it.

For example.  The skill set I use for this job is pretty much what I used to do in College working in the Library and kind of what I used to when I was a tutor at the College.  I work mostly alone like when I had my own office at the school.  I don’t service or do sales calls like my previous job in a call center, I just pass off the work to the agent or the customer service representative.  They don’t micro manage, which I love.  In the call center I used to have someone always on my back and it really gets annoying.  Especially if they only hear half of your conversation that you are having with a customer.

2 people form different aspects of my life(personal and professional) have said to me that I look happier and less stressed.  Imagine going in to a job that you love to do everyday.  I haven’t felt that way in a long time.  Am I important?  Yes.  Without me they would be months and months behind still in processing.  I managed to catch up with help in about 2 months.  But one of our temporary workers left and I picked up their load of work so now I am about 4 weeks behind.

The hurdle I really had to get over.  Was this… I am never, never required to complete all of my work in one day.  That amount of work that comes in everyday is not meant to be completed.  As a child growing up.  One of my biggest influences in my life when it came to work ethics was my Uncle Chris.  He would always work until the job was done.  Even if it meant that he had to work until Midnight.  He was a mechanic by trade.  I remember being with him and my brother in my Grandma’s garage while he worked on cars with a hook light in the hood or a flood light.  We would try to assist the best we could but what would a 10 year old and an 8 year old know about cars?  He would also never do a job without the proper tools.

Since I am doing Processing data entry type work, my time spent listening to the radio has increased exponentially.  They say listening to the radio reduces stress.  Well from my experience it is mostly true.  I do have a Sony alarm/clock radio.  I catch all the local radio stations but I mostly listen to Kool Gold.

When I picked up the Note 8, I decided to use Slacker radio. AT&T brought back Unlimited Data so I was no longer afraid to stream… well everything.  The Note 8 came with AVG earphones that are normally $99 and have build in amplifiers.  The Sony radio sounds better than the desktop speakers that are inside my PC case.  When I attempt to play my Slacker Train radio station on the PC, it just sounds horrible.  Like a Mono speaker that is being told to shut up with death threats.  They just fail to deliver that stereo sound.

Back to proper tools.  This job offers to pay for supplies, they even offered to get new filing cabinets(which so far, I have declined but if I did they would be black ones).  They are willing to do anything to make me effective and happy.  I just inquired about getting PC speakers.  They offered to get them.

My issue is this… I have been doing a ton of research.  At home I currently have the Bose Companion 2 Series II my brother gave to me.  They sound great.  They amplify sound like I have never heard.  I am torn between Bose and Logitech.  They are just for the Front Desk at work.  My brother suggested to go cheap eg. something from Amazon Basics which do sound great.

Keep in my mind.  During my 8 hour work day.  I am listening to music 7 out of the 8 hours I am there.  That’s about 87.5% of my work day.  I don’t just want speakers to get the job done.  I want speakers to GET THE JOB DONE, SON!

Plus the other agents have TVs in their offices and our President has this really nice Sony stereo set that looks like it was from the 80s.  I want a nice toy at my desk.  Maybe something like the video below:

One can dream right?  I might just settle for a 2.1 Speaker set from Logitech.  I do have some gift cards I can use.  Not sure I need bass while I am work, especially with the music I listen to.  So much things to think about just for PC speakers.

‘Til next time…

! Guntitan

Declutter with a $50 Tablet

I wanted to write a blog post about the amount of electronics that are replaced by a $50 Tablet. Specifically a Kindle Fire 7.


Cable Box

Smart TV

Weather Station

Alarm Clock


Computer Monitor

Keyboard and Mouse


CD Player

MD Player

Record Player

Cassette Player


Digital Camera

Web Camera

Video Camera


Portable DVD Player

DVD Player

Bluray Player

Video Game Consoles (especially since you can use emulators on it)


Word Processor


Graphing Calculator


Electronic Dictionary

Don’t forget all the non-electronics that it replaces like:

Cook book







Paper and Pen







Imagine what else. I only put up what I used it for personally.

Here is the link to the current model.  Last year during the Amazon Black Friday Sale I got it for about $33.

Update as of 12/13/17.

Sale is up again as of 12/13/17.  Even the other Kindles are on sale now.  I would probably get the Fire HD 8.  I am actually tempted to pick another one up.

Budget 101

This post is going to be non-video game related but will teach you how to afford your video gaming habit.

As a child do you remember saving up your allowance, birthday money, lunch money etc. for the things you wanted like video games or even video game systems?

Then you get your first job and enter adult hood.  You become eligible for credit cards.  You start buying the things you wanted with credit cards.  You end up paying more than you should because of the interest.  You end up under a huge pile of credit.  The pile will only get smaller if you pay more than you spend.

That was me.  I racked about $4,000 in debt.  This is about the same amount I graduated College with in student loan debt.

It was ridiculous.

If I kept at my same pace.  I would have a negative net worth until this day.  I needed to make changes to my life style.

I was lurker at for years.  I started to apply what I read to my life.

The first thing I did was sign up for one those apps that give you money.  Free money not bad.  There’s a ton of them.  I use Mobile Performance Meter.

The free money thing didn’t work out.  I wasn’t comfortable releasing my personal information to multiple companies.  I still use the app to this day but usually use it to buy the fun stuff I want from Amazon.

I asked myself what do I have more control over?

Reduce Cell Phone Bill

I paid off one of my cell phones that was on my plan and reduced my monthly expense by about $28.  I got rid of the insurance reducing it by another $10.  Things happened along the way eg. ended up replacing one of my wife’s cell phone but at the time it helped a ton.  You could also consider changing carriers, going prepaid, or getting rid of your cell phone.  They also recommend not making any drastic life style changes but something’s got to give. Remember those sayings from your childhood like “when you are broke you need to learn to live without.”    Also, “Beggars can’t be choosers.”  You could also get a non-data consuming cell phone and do without a data plan.  Remember living without data on a mobile device right?  It wasn’t that long ago.

Cutting the Hair Cut Expense

I noticed I kept charging my $20-$30 haircut on my credit card.  My son who is now 4 years old also had a hair cut expense that was running me $10-$20.   If both of us had to get a hair cut that was $30-$50 at once.  Man.  That’s a lot if you are trying to pay off debt.  I ended up purchasing a Remington hair buzzer for about $35.  After it’s first use it paid for itself.  I have been cutting my own hair and my sons hair for over a year now and I’ve gotten pretty good at it.  Learned a new skill and saved money.

Pay of Low Balance Credits Cards or Loans

I had maybe 1 – 2 low balance credits cards besides the one that was at nearly $4,000.  There was an Amazon card that I was almost done paying off and a student loan.  I ended up paying off the Amazon card and freed up $100 per month.  I paid off the student loan and freed up $50 per month.  With the cell phone costs and reduced I now basically I had an extra $188 to use towards debt.

Sign up for a Zero Percent Interest Card

I ended up taking a tip from my friend and did a balance transfer to a 0% financing Credit Card for 20 months.  I am happy to report as of this day I have $100 left on that $4000.  I used a card from Citi bank.  I would check for recommendations.  I basically paid $200 a month utilizing the $188 I saved, I was already paying $100 per month towards debt.

Cut Cable

Another cost saving trick is to get just get Internet and Netflix.  You are already paying for just the internet.  Don’t pay extra for cable unless you are really in to the News and your man crush is Joe Moore.  Also, don’t subscribe to Hulu, Amazon Plus and Netflix all at the same time.  Just one at a time.  You could also install Kodi.  I won’t get into any details about that bad boy.

Get Rid of Monthly Subscriptions

How do you think the electric, water, cable, cell phone carriers, etc became so rich?  They got you hooked monthly.  I am not talking getting rid of electric or water.  That is crazy talk but you could go off the grid.  I am talking about things in your control.  Like stopping Crunchyroll or Netflix for a few months until you get your finances in order.  Get rid of the World of Warcraft subscription or instead of paying for 6 months at a time pay with game cards or monthly instead.  Cut it off when it disinterests you.  Get rid SWTOR or DCUO subscriptions.  You can’t play 3 MMOs at once can you?  You could also play GW2 and save yourself some money.   I cut my monthly subscriptions and saved about $45/month.  That didn’t include Netflix.  I kept Netflix.  I did get rid of SWTOR, DCUO, Crunchyroll and World of Warcraft for a bit.  At the moment I am not subbed to any MMO.  I did go back for 1-2 months at a time but did not charge for 6 months on my credit card saving money on interests and only playing when I could.  I ended up saving money and could use more towards debt or just general living expenses.

Use a Radio

Remember when entertainment was free?  It still is free.  Those radio waves are still traveling across the sky.  Remember getting in tune with your favorite radio station and static?  I hate static.  When I read dropping pretty much everything for a radio, I imagined a less chaotic world.  Currently at my new job I play the radio all day.  It’s the best version of free entertainment that costs no money.  Also listening to 5 songs a day is supposed to reduce stress.

Start a Side Gig

I haven’t started this endeavor yet but even making $100 – $200 a month can help you save and put money on the side.

Pay Yourself First/Start a Emergency Fund

Remember saving? Saving is your friend. Paying debt should be a higher priority but if you can afford $5 – $25 a pay check, do it.  In about 20 months if you save $25 a paycheck you will be at your  $1000 emergency fund. Better than nothing. Your next goal should be up to 6 months of expenses. I’ll spare the details there are blogs out there were people talk their own personal experiences on how they did it. I was saving $50 per month. You could also put whatever bonuses you get in to the emergency fund.

Home Lunch

Pack your lunch. I’ve been slacking since I started my new job. I could easily spend $10-$20 a day eating out. In 20 works days a month that is $200-$400 per month on food. Now you see it? That is my debt repayment plan. If you pack your own lunch and eat breakfast at home you could save that or cut it by two thirds. When I was a broke college student, I would pack 2 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  At the time I spent about $40 a month on groceries just for my home lunches.

2nd Part Time Job

I haven’t worked 2 jobs in a long time.  My old supervisor was having money issues and I recommended that she would pick up a part time job.  I told her if you work 20 hours a week (a couple of night shifts and shifts on Saturday and Sunday) and made $400-$600 a month.  How long would it take for you to pay off your debt?    I referred her to my store.  Sears in Kaneohe.  She got the job.  She ended up getting promoted to work in Jewelry from an MCA.  She made enough extra money to pay off her debt and ended up going on a cruise.  You might consider the new expenses like food costs or initial costs if you need to get a new uniform but in the long run you still end up making more money than you did before.  Also, depending on where you work.  You could end up spending less money on going out since you are always working.

Any one else got good ideas?

Thanks for reading.  I really had to get this off my chest.  I wish everyone much success and personal gains the rest of the year.  At the time of writing this blog, my 19th month into my debt repayment endeavor, I am at a positive net worth.

‘Til next time…

! Guntitan

DCUO Broker

The Broker in DCUO is different than the Auction House in World of Warcraft.

What do I mean?

The big difference is the prices in DCUO can change dramatically and some things are millions of dollars.  Milllions $$$!  There is no increments like Gold, Silver, and Copper in World of Warcraft.

It is similar in that if can break items up by category.  It does have a pretty useful option when selected let’s you include items that are useful to you.

Recently I started to play again and these Qwardian Time Capsules would drop from every mob.  I had no clue what they were except that you could use real life money to unlock them.  They would drop all kinds of useful items that could help you get a ahead in the game and even gave you the potential to unlock cool cosmetic items via collectibles.

Little did I know that some of these collectibles sold for Millions of Cash.  I was putting pretty much every collectible on there for $1,000 if I already had it.  Thinking I was being generous and helping the community.  It wasn’t until after I spend a $20 Gamestop gift card on Stabilizers that I realized I need $5,000,000 Cash for one of the super rare Collectibles called a Winning Lottery Ticket.  I needed it for a really cool Aura I wanted called Citrine Misted Aura.  See Below:

I had to remember my skills I learned from making Gold during my World of Warcraft days.  In order to obtain the ultra rare item I needed I would have to pay real money to unlock Time Capsules or wait every 3 days to open x1 Time Capsule.  I am still in the middle of my debt repayment plan in real life.  This is also the month of March where it is my wife’s birthday, taxes, rental insurance and website hosting due all in the same month.  My real life funds will not allow me to pay extra on my digital goodies.

I had to use the thing between my two ears.  My brain.  I had to think.  When was the last time I had to think?  I can’t remember.

Why I am short changing myself on missed opportunity on thousands to millions of Cash in DCUO?  Why am I still buying items for my Base that I hardly go to?  Why am I spending Cash on Style items that are useful but not as cool as the Citrine Misted Aura?  I had to stop spending to save up for the real thing that I wanted, that god damned Winning Lottery Ticket.

So going back to the skills I learned from my first ever MMO I ever played.  I remembered that I needed to find something rare to sell or something worth my time to farm and sell.

Those Simple Material, Complex Materials, and Anti-Matter Motes are dropping from the Qwardian Time Capsule.  I was saving them for special emblems.  They must be worth something?

I wondered how much they sold for?  I checked the Broker.  Bingo!  I found my millions.   I didn’t realize I was sitting on stock pile of Cash.  So I sold them.  I also sold my extra stacks of Exobits and Exobytes.

In order to reach my goal of $5,000,000 I was still short.  Then I remembered those extra non-useful armors I was getting could be Salvaged in to Simple Material, Complex Materials, and Anti-Matter Motes.  I knew exactly what to farm and all I had to do was to continue playing the game as I always did.  Just needed to run Solos, Duos, 4-mans and 8-mans.

So I did.

Remember those Base Items I kept buying? I also remembered that certain Base Items sold for a lot of Cash, too.  Again, I asked myself what is more important?  I started to sell them, too.

Did I figure out the Secret to making Millions in DCUO?  Sell Everything, Don’t Undercut,  Pay Attention to the Rares and sell them for more, and Salvage all the useless Armors you get and sell the materials, sell your Base items, sell Exobits, sell, sell, SELL!  Also, stop spending.

Now Imagine if I could apply these skills in real life.  My debt would be paid off and I could start my positive cash flow earlier.

‘Til next time…



I have been playing DCUO off and on for a while now and just recently it occurred to me that Wow terms are very different from DCUO terms. While leveling to level 30 most of DCUO consist of running solo quests and doing some instances.  Just the other night I actually received help from Shout chat not Trade chat.  We did a few quests and ran a few instances.  I actually had fun.

I am going to note a the differences here on this blog post.  Even a Veteran Wow player needs to be shown the ropes especially while playing a different game.

One Major Difference is Player Housing or in DCUO it’s called a Base.  You can actually decorate your Base with all kinds of furniture called Base Items.  My toon has a very kinky set up at the moment.

Character names can have Capital Letters and x1 Space.

Sometimes this game feels like a play to win.  There is a Marketplace where you can use real money to get cool vanity items and some benefit added to your character.  Eg. Make it easier to find stuff eg R&D Scanner.

Your Character starts by selecting a power then a weapon.  Your weapon you can change later on.  You customize your character from the head down (Skin, Hair, Costume, Aura, etc).  There is no race and no racial bonuses.

Styles. DCUO had a way to change your look before Wow had Transmog.  You actually collect looks much like how you can collect appearances in the Transmog Tab in Wow.

Here is a list of terms:

Wow Term = DCUO Term

AH = Broker – I actually told someone last night that I was in the Meta Wing’s AH.  He said, “What? I don’t understand.”

Mail = Mail

Quest Log = Journal

Enchantments = Mods

Enchanting Mats = Exobits and R&D Components (which by the way sell for a lot of Money in the Broker or you can trade them for Auras)

Gold = Money

Transmog = Style

Inventory = Bags

Bank = Bank

Guild = League

Potions = Soder Colas

Talent Trees = Traits

Spellbook = Loadouts

Achievements = Deeds – Unlike Wow, DCUO rewards you for experiencing the game.  The Feat points do matter and every 100 Feat points gives you x1 Skill point.  Skill points allow you to increase your abilities and equip a greater variety of weapons.  Further down their respective tress you can get stat bonuses or add them to your Movement Tree.

Mounts = Movement – There are no Mounts in DCUO.  You can pick between Flying, Super-Speed, Skimming, and Acrobatics.

Map = Map

Stormwind or any other major city = HQ eg. for Heroes it is the Watchtower.  Remember the Justice League cartoons?

Mage Portal = Teleporter – You don’t need a Mage to port.  Just need to go the specific Teleporter.

Raid Finder = On Duty

PvP = PvP

Well that should be a good start.  I hope some of you check it out.  It is a good break from the Fantasy Genre and a good escape to the Super Hero DC Universe.  I really enjoy the comic book style cut scenes after completed each group activity.  It’s bed time for me.  Good Night. /sleep

‘Til next time…


The Break

I have taken a break from World of Warcraft. I am not sure if I will renew the hosting services for this website in March. I can’t see myself paying $13.00 a month on something I haven’t used since September. Well if it is good bye I will always be on Twitter.

‘Til next time…

! Guntitan

The Quick Demon Hunter Post


Be warned.  Once you make it to a Barber Shop.  The only option you get removed once you spend a couple of hours or so in the starting zone is the Skin Color.  Night Elf had the option for normal looking skin, a fel themed skin, and a hardened demon like skin.


I went with the hardened demon skin with the hardened face.  I wish Blizzard went with the option to change your Skin Color since we are only allowed one Demon Hunter per server.  Essentially you would have to delete your current Demon Hunter then remake your Demon Hunter. Just make sure you pick up all the hidden items.  The important 2 items you need to make sure you get are the 28 slot bag and the buff item that increases your agility and stamina, Inquisitor’s Menacing Eye.  See this guide for more details.

If you wish to change your skin you could pay $15 to for an Appearance Change.

Well that’s it.  That’s how far I got on my Demon Hunter.  I can’t wait to see more Lore.  Basically a free level 100.  Get it to 110 before the next holiday event and you will have another toon to help you farm the elusive Big Love Rocket.

‘Til next time…

! Guntitan

Crunchyroll Wallpaper

I wanted to pimp out Windows 10 with a Crunchyroll Theme so I made a wallpaper.


Also check out this anime.  It reminds me of an 80s cartoon with an epic story line.  Then I found out it is based off a series of books written by an Australian author.  It is amazing.


‘Til next time…

! Guntitan