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Finding pet skills at Lvl 30 is a long trek.  Frustrated because I can’t find any guides, I decided to write about it online.  Let’s start with Stranglethorn Vale to obtain the pet skills Dash (Rank 1) and Cower (Rank 3).

I love wolves!  My wolf is ready for Dash (Rank 1) and this is the reason why I came here from Duskwood.  I got a problem.  I’m on a PVP server (that means player vs player) and Hordies get a small amount of honor for killing Alliance and vice versa.  Hordies especially high level ones love to gank noobs like me.  I don’t know the reason why but I think they have no honor and need it for PVP rewards.

Onward. Other sites recommend Cats for Hunters on a PVP server.  Problem is that I don’t have a cat.  Which cat should I obtain?  Please comment.

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! Guntitan

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  1. Kyle August 14, 2008 1:20 am 

    Actually, you don’t get honor for killing people that are a gray level to you. And I also play Horde, I don’t kill lowbies, but I haven’t passed a single significantly higher level player that hasn’t killed me.

    And any cat is basically the same, but one you might be interested in is Banglash (if that is how you spell it).

  2. buraisho August 14, 2008 2:43 am 


    Thanks for letting me know that gray characters don’t give honor and thanks for being one of those Hordies that won’t gank me. Are you playing on a PVP server? It could be that I’m just on a PVP server and that’s what they do. Banglash doesn’t exist. I checked Petopia. I think you meant King Bangalash. Maybe I’ll catch him when I’m level 43. Thanks for the input. I hope you visit again.

    ! Guntitan

  3. Tyvlen August 14, 2008 1:42 pm 

    He deffinatly means King Bangalash, and just a extra bit of info on pets, go to http://petopia.brashendeavors.net/ Very good site for comparing pets, also tells u where to get each pet skill, ect…

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