Not Level 30 yet?

The Addon you need:  QuestHelper

Here are some good quests for young Hunters with useful rewards for Hunters:

Loch Modan

Level 16:  In Loch Modan go east past Ironband’s Excavation to Fast Rider’s Lodge.  Talk to the NPC Daryl the Youngling and get the quest, A Hunter’s Boast. Complete the quest to receive a better gun or bow.

Level 17:  After you turn in A Hunter’s Boast take on the Hunter’s Challenge.  Completing the quest will grant you a decent one hand sword and a new shirt.  Right on!

Level 20:  Now go talk to the NPC Vyrin Swiftwind and accept the quest Vyrin’s Revenge. Do this chain to pick up a better ammo pouch or quiver.

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