Obtaining Claw (Rank 5)


I couldn’t do it.  I’m going to try again later.

‘Til next time…

! Guntitan

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WTH (WHAT THE HELL) ??? No wait this is so wrong.

Let me explain.  I went to Desolace.  It’s a long walk from the Barrens.  You need to travel thru Stontalon Mountains to get there.  Don’t feel like explaining it in detail.  Maybe later?

I caught a Scorpashi Snapper (Level 30 – 31).  Which had Claw (Rank 4).  I was on Petopia and saw Scorpashi something so I caught a Scorpashi something.  Little did I know that the Scorpion I needed is called Scorpashi Lasher (Level 34 – 35).  I did a few quests to level me from level 33 to level 34.  Sought out the little “Lasher” and he was surrounded by birds and electric spitting kodos.  I kept dying.  I died all day.  So I gave up.  I’ll come back for Claw (Rank 5) in a few levels or I’ll come back with a group.

‘Til next time…

! Guntitan

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I did it!!!  I came back to Desolace not too long after I dinged to level 35.  I found a Scorpashi Lasher near the main road.  Tamed it, used it for a little while, and learned Claw 5.

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