No more ALTs…


I told my self no more alts.  Didn’t work out.  I made a Night Elf druid last night.  It was fun playing her and questing with low level equipment again.

During today’s bus ride to work I started thinking about WoTLK.  I need to focus.  I read Hexapuma’s blog and found out that we were thinking the same thing.  He made a list so here is mine:

  1. Ding to level 70.
  2. Level Engineering to 375.
  3. Level Mining to 375.
  4. Level Cooking to 375.
  5. Level First Aid to 375.
  6. Basically max out everything… except maybe fishing.
  7. Make gold. I want a mammoth!
  8. No more alts! Period! No matter how bored I get.

‘Til next time…

~ buraisho


I want that Purple / Lavendar cat already!