It is 3 am and I have an idea!

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Gathering Robots!

Title:  Cataclysm suggestion for Engineering


A new line of Gathering Robots. Made by engineers. Consumable. 10 min – 1 hour up time? 1 time use. Stacks x20.

Different versions. Gathers mats for you from mining nodes, skins dead beasts for skinning, gathers herbs, for fishing have one fish besides you, for enchanting have one DE when a enchanter is not present, or have another that auto loots for you while looting, the one for engineers could skin mechanicals for you. Only usable by required profession?

Maybe have them take a decent amount of mats from the professions they represent. Mostly made up of the new metals of Azeroth and a few mats from the professions for each type of gathering robot they represent. Example skinning version requires some hides to get the scent of the animals it’s skinning. The fishing version could require a high level fishing pole. They could even use some old world mats to get people farming those areas again and make them profitable.

Maybe have the ultimate version like Jeeves and gathers everything for you. Obtained through quest line after all the versions of the bots have been discovered. Only used by engineers.

Found through Archeaology?