4.0.1 Addons – TellMeWhen

UPDATED FOR 4.0.1: Added in new abilities and buffs.  Got rid of the abilities that no longer exist.  Sorry the shots I set up on the middle bar is for my BM spec.  I might update this post later to include the other 2 hunter specs.

TellMeWhen is a great AddOn. You set it up so that when certain buffs are active, it displays big icons on your screen. If you are using the SpartanUI it also shrinks your action bars which makes them hard to see your shot cool downs. With TellMeWhen you can even display your shots and their cool down timers as big icons.

It lets you pull off your shots with easier timing and reapply your serpent sting when the proc from your tier 10 2-piece or 4-piece set bonus.

How to set up?

TellMeWhen uses the names of the shots, stings, or buffs you want to keep track of when they proc. For the names of the buffs you can get them from Wowhead. Remember the spell that is proc’d by the gear is different from the actual description on the item’s tooltip or name of the buff.

Look up the buff you want to keep track off on Wowhead.

Here is our tier 10 set. Ahn’Kahar Blood Hunter’s Battlegear

Then click on the 2 procs.

Item – Hunter T10 2P Bonus

Item – Hunter T10 4P Bonus

We are not typing “Item – Hunter T10 2P Bonus” into TellMeWhen.  If you scroll down you will see the name of the buff and a link to its description.

Exploit Weakness


We can even set up our procs from our trinkets like Needle-Encrusted Scropion or Darkmoon Card: Greatnesss.

When you are done figuring out which buffs/shots you want to set up you can configure each buffs/shots to display in its own way.  My shots and buffs are set up in the following way:

Buff or Procs

Turn on “Enable Icon”

Icon type > Buff/Debuff

Buff or Debuff > Buff

Unit to watch > Player

Show when buff/debuff > Present

Turn on “Show Timer”

Debuff aka Stings

Turn on “Enable Icon”

Icon type > Buff/Debuff

Buff or Debuff > Debuff

Unit to watch > Target

Show when buff/debuff > Absent

Turn on “Show Timer”

Turn on “Only show if cast by self”


Turn on “Enable Icon”

Icon type > Reactive spell or ability

Show icon when > Usable

Here are the Procs and Shots I have set up for my Beast Mastery spec with the configuration exceptions:

Top Row – Tier 10 Buffs/Hunter Buffs/Pet Buffs

Exploit Weakness


Cobra Strikes

Rapid Fire

Call of the Wild

Rabid Power – Buff from Rabid.  Unit to watch > Pet

Terrifying Roar – Any pet ability in this spot will be suffice.

Middle Row – Serpent Sting/Shots

Serpent Sting – remember this is a debuff.

Kill Command – Icon type > Cooldown, Show icon when > Always

Arcane Shot

Steady Shot

Kill Shot – Cooldown type > Reactive spell or ability, Turn on “Show Timer”, Cooldown type > Spell or ability


Focus Fire – Icon type > Buff/Debuff

Bottom Row – Equipment Buffs/Talent Tree Buff/Pet Buff

Power of the Taunka

Agility of the Vrykul

Aim of the Iron Dwarves

Icy Rage

Frostforged Champion

Killing Streak

Culling the Herd

Set up bars however you like. Rows or columns.

I set up mine going horizontally across covering my toon but in the center of the screen.  You could probably set them up horizontally at the top of the screen or even vertically on the right side.  It is entirely up to you  and it might take some experimentation.  When I focus on DPS’ing my tunnel vision sets in so I don’t like haveing stuff like that on the side.

If they are taking up too much space and are just an eyesore configure the bars so they only show when you are in combat.

TellMeWhen is a great addon to keep track of buffs and shots.  It is one of the few I recommend.  I even took the time to write this blog post.  It means something to me.  It has helped increase my dps and watch for buffs that are important.  I hope it does the same to all you, Young Guns, out there.

Don’t forget to test your procs and shots on the test dummies before you head back into ICC.  If the icons don’t pop up on TellMeWhen’s action bar they could be broken because of a misspelled spell or buff, could be the wrong name for the buff, or wrong configuration(Cooldown, Buff/debuff, or Reactive spell or ability).

‘Til next time…

! Guntitan