Slowly everything is balancing out…

First.  Mania is a godsend and has been keeping track of all the pet changes that patch 4.0.1 has brought.  It’s been updated and is reflecting accurate information.  It’s not displaying old information from blue posts or data mined information from MMO-Champion.

Second.  Pets no longer display buffs or receive them but it appears that they still receive a stamina and strength from Spiced Mammoth Treats.

Third.  Raiding with my spirit beast or devilsaur is wonderful.  I worked so hard trying to find those rares and I finally get to use them to help me defeat the Lich King.  I hope these rares help me defeat more bosses in the future.

Using focus is a interactive process.  I’m constantly watching my focus bar and watching my shots.  Kill Command for BM hunters is like another shot and is number 2 on my action bar.  Moves like Fervor and Focus Fire should be used whenever you need to restore focus.

‘Til next time…

! Guntitan