Glyph of Mending buffed in Patch 4.0.1

EDIT:  I tested this out on the Live server and found out that the glyphed Mend Pet is a 60% increase over the unglyphed Mend Pet.  This proves hockeyhacker’s math right. I also collected the data and put it in a spreadsheet for easy comparison.  Using the spreadsheet’s data Mend Pet glyphed and talented heals 76% more health per tick than a naked Mend Pet.  Using Algebra I figured out that the Spirit Bond talent adds 10% to the glyph 8% per tick on Mend Pet.  Glyphed and talented Mend Pet heals 8.8% of the pets health every 2 sec.  Spirit Bond heals your pet 16% more while glyphed.

Here is the formula:

(x-5)/5 = 0.76.
x-5 = 3.8
x = 8.8

Read the comments on Wowhead. I will be going on later tonight or tomorrow to test this out myself.  Tested and verified.  I am currently using this glyph but I was soloing level 70 instances for mounts.  Didn’t think it was a buff either until I read the comments on Wowhead.  I love it there.  Can’t you tell?  I have the site linked on several places on this blog.

Mend Pet as a spell looks confusing but  look at the buff the spell casts.  The buff heals 5% of the pets health every 2 sec.  Increase this by 3% provided by the Glyph of Medning.  You get a Mend Pet that heals 8% of the pets health every 2 sec.

Here is the example that hockeyhacker gave:

Not nerfed but rather buffed…

before Mend pet healed x health depending on rank and glyph increased x by 40%

now Mend pet heals 25% total health over 10 seoncds or 5% per tick and the glyph increases that 3% total health per tick so now it heals 40% over 10 seconds…

Now for the example, lets say prior to the patch Mend pet rank x healed for 100 per tick un glyphed and now your pet has 2,000 health

Unglyphed prior to change it ticks for 100
Unglyphed post change it ticks for 100 (given the pet has 2K health I just set it at that health for easy comparison)

Glyphed prior to the change it now ticks for 140
Glyphed post change it now ticks for 160…

Now instead of a 40% boost on a flat x value, it is a 60% boost on your pets health.

Well I hope this helps.  I found it useful, too.  Just wanted to point out on the blog just in case some of you Young Guns don’t read the comments section on Wowhead.

‘Til next time…

! Guntitan