Quick Cata Post

I’m loving the expansion. The cut scenes between zones and after long quest chains, the stream lined quests, the new engineering gadgets, the gear, the stories, the under water mount, the sense of adventure, the new.

I’m hating Truegold.

I never played a worgen or goblin, yet.


  1. Raymond aka Kulikuli January 11, 2011 6:56 am 

    Wassup Bryan
    Its Raymond just hit 85 last nite with my hunter his name is Kulikuli and iam on the Dragonmaw server. what is the spec to go for 85 hunter is it BM or SV or maybe even MM

    hit me up


  2. Guntitan January 13, 2011 2:19 am 

    I am beginning to think that DPS isn’t as important in Cataclysm as much as Survivability. Right now SV is the top raiding spec. If you just hit 85 you will be running normal dungeons until you get some gear that is item level 333. There are some long quest chains that you could do in Twilight Highlands or quest chains that are from dungeons that will net you some very good gear. The links to the normal and heroic gear lists made by Frostheim is found on the left side of the site(under the Scattered Shots Catacylsm Guides). I am still doing heroics as a BM hunter. The choice of spec is yours my friend. I noticed that while in heroics with my current BM spec that I am the last person standing before everyone dies. Imagine before the tank dies in heroic, dismissing your pet for a turtle or beetle, turning on growl, taunt, etc, and sending it in to finish off the boss fight. That is the power of BM. Just because it’s not a top dps spec doesn’t mean it is useless. Worry about raids when you are decked out in heroic gear. Use your Justice points wisely.

  3. Guntitan January 13, 2011 2:20 am 

    As a BM hunter our Kill Command and Kill Shots are key. Remember to keep your focus up so that you can use Kill Command when available.

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