Jadefang x3

That screen shot is my third find for Jadefang.  I was trying to show my guild mate how to get up there and Jadefang was up.  He was only level 82 so he killed it for the Tiny Shale Spider.

I tamed him my first time I found him.  Then logged out another day, just for fun, at the spot.  That night or sometime the next morning, I had a dream that I was moving Guntitan through the Crumbling Depths.  Then I saw Jadefang up on my map with Beast tracking in his spot.  In the dream I was trying to race to the spot and get up there.  I’m not sure I made it up there.

The next morning I forced myself up to log on and check.  _NPCscan and SilverDragon went off.  He was there, strangely waiting for me, just offering himself up to my Gun and blade so I can take his baby.  So wait maybe Jadefang is her?

‘Til next time…

! Guntitan