We Will Need More Beer, More Hot Cakes and MORE FINE LOOKIN DWARF LADIES

Today’s topic: Me, Ironweaver your new drunken author of drunkendwarf.net

Why: Becuase if I did not introduce myself the whole hunter community would go crazy and be like wtf zomg who dis nub ftl gun?

My name is Ironweaver and I’m a very close friend to our drunken hero and beloved dwarf, Guntitan. I have my very own YouTube channel (which I shall be getting up again very soon) and had very own blog… BUT! My new home is here! You will find there are many similarities between me and Gun. For one we are short, for two we love beer, for three we love our dwarf ladies like we like our beer… stout and bitter. Last but not least we like hunter stuff!

SHOUT OUTS: This shout out goes to Guntitan. Thank you very much for letting me become a part of the amazing people here are drunkendwarf.net. I will try to keep the tradition alive and the ale stout! For Kahz’modan!