Cinderweb Broodlings are tamable…

I figured this out on my own but there has been an on going thread on Petopia.

My post.

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So basically Kirix isn’t a unique skin anymore.  I do have good news.  Ban’thalos, Deth’Tilac, Ankha, Skarr, Kirix, and Karkin are a part of my stable. The only tame I had a hard time with was Kirix the green spider.  For some reason when Kirix is up I have a hard time jumping across the rocks to get the buff.  When he isn’t up and I’m just there to do dailies I have no issues getting across.

I’ve found Anthris and killed both Solix and Skitterflame by accident.

The best new pet for this patch has to be Ban’thalos the spirit beast owl.  I love the noises it makes while attacking things.  It’s cute.  Makes you want to just grab it and pinch it’s transparent cheeks.

‘Til next time…

! Guntitan