4.3 Valor Point Priority

It is now a lot easier to hit Valor cap.  You can get 500 Valor Points from LFR (Looking For Raid) from doing both parts. If you are raiding you can accumulate the rest from the Dragon Soul raid or the new 5 mans (Well of Eternity, End Time, and Hour of Twilight).  With that I’ll leave you with a new valor point priority list:

Cameo of Terrible Memories – 1,250 Valor Points

Emergency Descent Loop – 1,250 Valor Points

The neck and ring slots are best in slot and should be the first items you get.

Cord of Dragon Sinew – 1,650 Valor Points

Batwing Cloak – 1,250 Valor Points

Depending on what you have the waist can take priority over getting the back.  If you obtained Dreadfire Drape from normal Lord Rhyolith there isn’t much improvement except a nice chunk of stamina, if you have the heroic version of Dreadfire Drape then you wouldn’t waste any Valor on a new cloak.  The heroic version of Dreadfire Drape is BiS.

Boneshard Boots(BOE) – 1,650 Valor Points or Gold

Dragonbelly Bracers(BOE) – 1,250 Valor Points or Gold

The feet and wrist are both BoE. I recommend using a alts Valor or gold to obtain both.  These 2 slots are dependent on what you already have or if you obtained gear from normal Dragon Soul or Dragon Soul LFR.  The wrist isn’t that good and you can refrain from getting them until the prices go down.

Kiroptyric Sigil – 1,650 Valor Points

For the Trinket Slot it really depends on what you already have or if you obtained any from normal Dragon Soul, Dragon Soul LFR, or Firelands.  I personally play as a BM hunter and would rather enjoy this on use proc of thick agility and use it combined with Kill Command.  Frostheim wrote a nice write up on the new trinkets at Wow Insider.

Head, Chest, Hands

The priority of what pieces you obtain is impacted by the order you obtain the tier 13 pieces from regular Dragon Soul, Dragon Soul LFR, or Alizabal in Baradin Hold. For BM hunters the head, Zeherah’s Dragonskull Crown(2,200 Valor Points), is BiS. It is especially sexy since it’s named after Zeherah from FemaleDwarf.com.  The chest, Dragonflayer Vest(2,200 Valor Points), would be of the highest priority if your luck is running low.  I would save the hands, Arrowflick Gauntlets(1,650 Valor Points), for absolutely last since you might be able to get the tier gloves, Wyrmstalker’s Gloves, from either version of DS or BH.

Well… I’m pooped.

‘Til next time…

! Guntitan