Forever frustrated favicon.ico!

Okay that was a task. In a vain attempt last night and using Gimp, I tried to create my own icon file that was 16 by 16 pixels for the blog. If you don’t know what I am talking about, look at the icon next to the website URL up on the address bar. For whatever reason, it kept saving it as 16 x 15 pixels or 15 x 14 pixels, whenever I would convert to a .ico file. Frustrated I went to bed, even rejecting my buddy, Bodie, to PVP on my fairly new Goblin mage.

Today on my way to work, I did a little more research and found some websites. I discovered this awesome video…

When I got home from work, my brother wanted to run Sethekk Halls and Heroic Utgarde Pinnacle for some mounts. During my half hearted run, I made my new logo at 64 x 64 pixels. Then saved it as a .gif so that when re-opened in Gimp the image would stay its own layer.

When we finished our mount runs, I copied my initial layer and scaled the layer to the following sizes: 32 x 32 pixels, 24 x 24 pixels, and 16 x 16 pixels; using the 64 x 64 pixel layer to copy each time.  Saved the file as a .ico.  Logged in to my hosting account, uploaded my new icon, and pointed my browser to It worked but still wasn’t showing up on my address bar.

Then I remembered about the header and seeing a tidbit of code that points your web browser to the right .ico file:

<link rel=”shortcut icon” href=”” type=”image” />

I guess for some servers and browsers, it isn’t enough for you just to place your .ico in the right directory.

Finally it worked.  You may be asking why talk about some website technical difficulty?

It’s a lesson on perseverance.  If I gave up on the endeavor, my website would still be without a favicon.ico, and I would still lack the knowledge of the full capabilities of Gimp. I would be still be sitting on my thumbs and left wondering if it was me or just the computer.

I overcame a challenge and completed a task I never did before. I want you to think about how this relates to your real life situations and World of Warcraft.  For instance, playing my mage as Fire never netted me any results. My DPS sucked and I wasn’t sure if it was my lack of enchants, my understanding of the rotation, or my gear.  A few people told me to try Arcane.

Today before work. I switched my Fire spec to Arcane, changed my glyphs, and queued for Raid Finder. The results were astounding, well more so after I read and re-read the rotation, yes a 2 year old could do it.  Even if it is just a 2 button spam, it isn’t going to stop me from playing the spec. I did more DPS than I ever seen before on this toon. I finally felt like I am contributing and I hope to see more results the more I play.

If I just settled for Fire and never tried Arcane, my DPS would still be low, I would have been left wondering if my gear sucked or my enchants were still lacking or that I need to reforge. It’s like me using Gimp. If I didn’t commit the time to do research, my .ico file would still be broken.

With perseverance comes rewards, whether it be school, work, play, money, chicks, babies, or website building skills or World of Warcraft.

I’ll leave you with that.

‘Til next time…

! Guntitan