iPod nano (1st generation) memoir and replacement program


I came home one day and my brother shows me his new iPod nano. I was totally focused on doing dailies or something and didn’t pay much attention.  The next day I was like, “wait Corey how did you get that?”  He said, “There’s a defect in the battery and it explodes.  Apple is switching them out for free.”  I was like what?  Then he remembers, “Don’t you have a iPod nano first generation?”  I was like, “I do.”

Searched thru my bag and pulled it out.  My first iPod ever with a black face and silver back.  My only iPod, unless you count an iPhone.  It was the first flash drive nano with a color LCD screen.  I remember it being small.  I remembered what I engraved it with, which is too embarrassing to tell.  I charged it up for the first time in years.  I knew I had to back it up but was no longer sure what was inside.

I recovered some old work stuff, I looked at all the songs (there were a ton of them), then I discovered some pictures.

The pictures were from my first trip to California back in June 2006.  It was first trip ever to Disneyland and I put those pictures there so I would be encouraged to go again. We did. 2 more times after that.

The nano was so innovative when it came out. I remember browsing the web in my friends Chemistry lab at UH Manoa.  I remember telling my friend Jhonsen about the nano.  Minutes later I applied for the credit card thru Apple. I got approved.  I ordered it.

Jhonsen was like, “What? You ordered it?  You got approved for your first credit card.”  I was like, “Yeah.”

I remember when it came in the mail and how neat the packaging was and how it came with earbuds.  I was so happy.  It became my study companion during college, my public transportation commute companion when I worked 2 jobs and traveled 4 hours a day, the fricken Nano moved out of my mom’s house with me.  I got married and brought it with me to my honey moon.  Didn’t have much time to use it though, “cough!”

Then sometime after that, I kept it tucked away in my bag or somewhere near my desktop.  It collected dusk.  Right before I moved out of my apartment this past year, I remember dusting it off and removing the case.  I tucked it in my computer bag and sat in there until about a week ago.

That’s when the memories flooded in…

Thank you Apple you really do care,

Bryan Shon


BTW there are no 4 GB iPod nano’s anymore. I got a capacity upgrade for free.  The one pictured above is 8 GB.

I also geeked out and ordered a Lunatik Lynk watch band.  These are 50% off from what they used to be priced.  Go check it out.