Boosted 90 Hunter Guide


Don’t waste time with Timeless Isle tokens. You are better off using them and vendor in for gold. You will need gold for your Garrison.  You will get a ton of upgrades soon.

Pets to tame before Heading to Draenor

Spirit Beast
Pandaria has easy ones to get. HutiaDeguGumi are all Porcupines.

Water Strider
You will need a Water Strider for the water walking ability.  Especially useful if you did not obtain the Anglers mount Azure Water Strider.

With an Ancient Tome of Dinomancy you will learn Ancient Zandalari Knowledge which allow you to tame a Direhorn.  You will need to go to the Isle of Giants and kill Zandalari Dinomancers.

Since you are on the Monster Island you might as well pick one up.

Core Hound
You will need the haste buff for 5 mans.

Crane, Moth, or Quilen
The battle resurrection may proof useful.  You will encounter a level 90 Moth early on in Draenor.

Napestone Riverbeast
This is the first pet you should tame during the introduction phase of Draenor. Level 90

Notable Tame while leveling
Teroclaw at level 93
The skin looks so darn good.

While leveling tame everything…
Rylak (slow fall)
Carrion Bird

Garrison while leveling should have a Lumbermill and a Dwarven Bunker as soon as you are able to get them.  Replace Barracks with something useful like Dwarven Bunker.

You will use the Lumbermill for the much needed Garrison supplies that you will need to build and upgrade your buildings.  Dwarven Bunker will get you double the chance of blues and purples you can get from quest rewards.

For your small plot get the enchanting one to disenchant your mats and the one for your profession. If you don’t pick Engineering shame on you.

Onyixa, OS+3, ZA, Forge of Souls, Gruul’s Lair, and few other places have easy to obtain 20-22 slot bags.  As a boosted Hunter you will have x4 Embersilk Bags.  You will need these other bags for your bank.

Engineering and Mining.  You will be able to craft your own Gun and Helm.  You will eventually get all the tinkers(sprint, shield, etc).  You will also have your own Mine that will allow you to gather mats to level Engineering. Level the mine constantly for more mining nodes and carts.  The catch up Mechanic for these professions is convenient.  You will never need to leave your Garrison to level professions and if you do it would be level your toon.

I’ll stop here… you will figure out the rest.  I know I am still am.

‘Til next time…

! Guntitan