Things to do while we wait for Legion. What about Bacon?


I am currently unsubbed. First time since I started playing.

It’s hard logging in and seeing my toons inactive and being forced to play low level toons.

I might level a new Gnome warrior to help me get back in to the game or I might wait until Legion comes out.

For now the days of streaming Anime on Crunchyroll is prominent in my life. I also watched Arrow season 3 on Netflix over a span of less than a week.

There are also some free to play MMOs you could try like DCUO, SWTOR, Firefall, LOL, etc.  You could also resurrect your Wii or PS3 and complete games you haven’t played or fire up your next Gen console PS4 or Xbox One.

For me streaming videos and trying out something new is on my list.

What are you doing?

‘Til Next Time…

! Guntitan

P.S. If you haven’t heard Bacon is a carcinogen like Tobacco. Seriously…