DCUO Broker

The Broker in DCUO is different than the Auction House in World of Warcraft.

What do I mean?

The big difference is the prices in DCUO can change dramatically and some things are millions of dollars.  Milllions $$$!  There is no increments like Gold, Silver, and Copper in World of Warcraft.

It is similar in that if can break items up by category.  It does have a pretty useful option when selected let’s you include items that are useful to you.

Recently I started to play again and these Qwardian Time Capsules would drop from every mob.  I had no clue what they were except that you could use real life money to unlock them.  They would drop all kinds of useful items that could help you get a ahead in the game and even gave you the potential to unlock cool cosmetic items via collectibles.

Little did I know that some of these collectibles sold for Millions of Cash.  I was putting pretty much every collectible on there for $1,000 if I already had it.  Thinking I was being generous and helping the community.  It wasn’t until after I spend a $20 Gamestop gift card on Stabilizers that I realized I need $5,000,000 Cash for one of the super rare Collectibles called a Winning Lottery Ticket.  I needed it for a really cool Aura I wanted called Citrine Misted Aura.  See Below:

I had to remember my skills I learned from making Gold during my World of Warcraft days.  In order to obtain the ultra rare item I needed I would have to pay real money to unlock Time Capsules or wait every 3 days to open x1 Time Capsule.  I am still in the middle of my debt repayment plan in real life.  This is also the month of March where it is my wife’s birthday, taxes, rental insurance and website hosting due all in the same month.  My real life funds will not allow me to pay extra on my digital goodies.

I had to use the thing between my two ears.  My brain.  I had to think.  When was the last time I had to think?  I can’t remember.

Why I am short changing myself on missed opportunity on thousands to millions of Cash in DCUO?  Why am I still buying items for my Base that I hardly go to?  Why am I spending Cash on Style items that are useful but not as cool as the Citrine Misted Aura?  I had to stop spending to save up for the real thing that I wanted, that god damned Winning Lottery Ticket.

So going back to the skills I learned from my first ever MMO I ever played.  I remembered that I needed to find something rare to sell or something worth my time to farm and sell.

Those Simple Material, Complex Materials, and Anti-Matter Motes are dropping from the Qwardian Time Capsule.  I was saving them for special emblems.  They must be worth something?

I wondered how much they sold for?  I checked the Broker.  Bingo!  I found my millions.   I didn’t realize I was sitting on stock pile of Cash.  So I sold them.  I also sold my extra stacks of Exobits and Exobytes.

In order to reach my goal of $5,000,000 I was still short.  Then I remembered those extra non-useful armors I was getting could be Salvaged in to Simple Material, Complex Materials, and Anti-Matter Motes.  I knew exactly what to farm and all I had to do was to continue playing the game as I always did.  Just needed to run Solos, Duos, 4-mans and 8-mans.

So I did.

Remember those Base Items I kept buying? I also remembered that certain Base Items sold for a lot of Cash, too.  Again, I asked myself what is more important?  I started to sell them, too.

Did I figure out the Secret to making Millions in DCUO?  Sell Everything, Don’t Undercut,  Pay Attention to the Rares and sell them for more, and Salvage all the useless Armors you get and sell the materials, sell your Base items, sell Exobits, sell, sell, SELL!  Also, stop spending.

Now Imagine if I could apply these skills in real life.  My debt would be paid off and I could start my positive cash flow earlier.

‘Til next time…