I’m Back…

Well I am back temporary for you know the 13th Anniversary and Christmas stuff.  I might play, I might not play.  Anything I should know?  I still feel lost.

I was resubbed for 2 months starting in September and logged in for the Blizzcon mounts.  Played on Guntitan, got some quick Artifact Power then I didn’t feel like playing after that.  I spend most of my free time watching Anime at VRV.co and writing short post about it on my Facebook group about Anime.

Also, I got a new job in May.  I am the Operator/Receptionist/Processor/Mailroom Clerk(receiving, sorting, and sending).  When I interview they said I was over qualified. Never thought much about it until I started to do the job.  I never knew how much I was going to love it, until I started to do it.

For example.  The skill set I use for this job is pretty much what I used to do in College working in the Library and kind of what I used to when I was a tutor at the College.  I work mostly alone like when I had my own office at the school.  I don’t service or do sales calls like my previous job in a call center, I just pass off the work to the agent or the customer service representative.  They don’t micro manage, which I love.  In the call center I used to have someone always on my back and it really gets annoying.  Especially if they only hear half of your conversation that you are having with a customer.

2 people form different aspects of my life(personal and professional) have said to me that I look happier and less stressed.  Imagine going in to a job that you love to do everyday.  I haven’t felt that way in a long time.  Am I important?  Yes.  Without me they would be months and months behind still in processing.  I managed to catch up with help in about 2 months.  But one of our temporary workers left and I picked up their load of work so now I am about 4 weeks behind.

The hurdle I really had to get over.  Was this… I am never, never required to complete all of my work in one day.  That amount of work that comes in everyday is not meant to be completed.  As a child growing up.  One of my biggest influences in my life when it came to work ethics was my Uncle Chris.  He would always work until the job was done.  Even if it meant that he had to work until Midnight.  He was a mechanic by trade.  I remember being with him and my brother in my Grandma’s garage while he worked on cars with a hook light in the hood or a flood light.  We would try to assist the best we could but what would a 10 year old and an 8 year old know about cars?  He would also never do a job without the proper tools.

Since I am doing Processing data entry type work, my time spent listening to the radio has increased exponentially.  They say listening to the radio reduces stress.  Well from my experience it is mostly true.  I do have a Sony alarm/clock radio.  I catch all the local radio stations but I mostly listen to Kool Gold.

When I picked up the Note 8, I decided to use Slacker radio. AT&T brought back Unlimited Data so I was no longer afraid to stream… well everything.  The Note 8 came with AVG earphones that are normally $99 and have build in amplifiers.  The Sony radio sounds better than the desktop speakers that are inside my PC case.  When I attempt to play my Slacker Train radio station on the PC, it just sounds horrible.  Like a Mono speaker that is being told to shut up with death threats.  They just fail to deliver that stereo sound.

Back to proper tools.  This job offers to pay for supplies, they even offered to get new filing cabinets(which so far, I have declined but if I did they would be black ones).  They are willing to do anything to make me effective and happy.  I just inquired about getting PC speakers.  They offered to get them.

My issue is this… I have been doing a ton of research.  At home I currently have the Bose Companion 2 Series II my brother gave to me.  They sound great.  They amplify sound like I have never heard.  I am torn between Bose and Logitech.  They are just for the Front Desk at work.  My brother suggested to go cheap eg. something from Amazon Basics which do sound great.

Keep in my mind.  During my 8 hour work day.  I am listening to music 7 out of the 8 hours I am there.  That’s about 87.5% of my work day.  I don’t just want speakers to get the job done.  I want speakers to GET THE JOB DONE, SON!

Plus the other agents have TVs in their offices and our President has this really nice Sony stereo set that looks like it was from the 80s.  I want a nice toy at my desk.  Maybe something like the video below:

One can dream right?  I might just settle for a 2.1 Speaker set from Logitech.  I do have some gift cards I can use.  Not sure I need bass while I am work, especially with the music I listen to.  So much things to think about just for PC speakers.

‘Til next time…

! Guntitan