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The Break

I have taken a break from World of Warcraft. I am not sure if I will renew the hosting services for this website in March. I can’t see myself paying $13.00 a month on something I haven’t used since September. Well if it is good bye I will always be on Twitter.

‘Til next time…

! Guntitan

Skoll was my first Spirit Beast I ever tamed.  It wasn’t Loque’nahak or the bear or the tiger.  It was the wolf.  If you ever played a dwarf you know wolves are one the first beasts you can tame.  The most legendary being Timber, he is only level 5 now, but in the past he was a hard kill, especially with his body guards.


I swore. I sometimes miss that dead old server, Dalvengyr. Then I was browsing some old screen shots and I found these…

ScreenShot_122809_005648 ScreenShot_123009_103650 ScreenShot_122509_150846 They were from December 2009 during the WotLK expansion.  That bow and staff would match so well with my current transmog.  Which leads me to our most recent selfie together. WoWScrnShot_070814_193212

We were both admiring our recently planted trees. Since MoP came out and BM was actually good again, I took Skoll out and we rocked up the Hozen, Yungol, some Pandaren, some rogue Jinyu, and a few others.  He has been almost a constant companion since the expansion released.  I also created a transmog set reflecting his blue and white hues. I can’t wait to explore Draenor with this loyal pet.  That self heal and Mastery buff will help me so much.  Now what was that name of that bow again? I am pretty sure it was from Pit of Saron.

‘Til next time…

! Guntitan

So you roll a Deathknight? Your main of another class has 2 gathering professions. Skinning and mining. You want to tank so you make your DK a leather worker and a blacksmith.

Wait this is not how it began…

You open your box, spend some time with the install disk, then spend minutes installing a giant game. You never heard of Wowhead or Wowinsider. You don’t even know what class to pick. You just know your friends told you to play horde on a specific server. You roll a toon, play it a bit, give up because warlock pets are so damn ugly.

Log out…

The next day you log back in and notice the dwarf with the bear on the Vanilla trailer. You like that. Log back on and play on your warlock. Level up some tailoring and enchanting give up.

Log out…

You decide to not to play with your Horde friends and roll a dwarf.

You run thru the snow your first 10-15 levels then meet some random dude in Wetlands. He tells you to level because WotLK is coming out. You are like “WotLK?”

Reroll on a different server because this guy just scared you by talking about some undead invasion and all that reminds you of are the zombies from the first Resdient Evil game.

Reroll your dwarf on one of those new player servers. You pick red hair this time and a long comfortable beard.

You level at your own pace. Don’t even hit level 70 until after WotLK comes out. You buy the collector’s edition because your Horde friend tells you to and your new guild is bad ass because everyone is online at the same time and everyone is leveling.

You decided to level Engineering because you are a Hunter and you can make your own bullets and range weapon. You also like the look of googles. Pre-transmog. You pick mining to help you level Engineering. You start a blog on WordPress to help you keep track of all the resources and blogs you discover.

You did not get 2 gathering professions on your first toon.

Min/Max is now entirely pointless.


Scythebitten was my 2nd level 85 during Cata.

He was originally more of a support toon to supplement Guntitan with Leatherworking leg enchants, mats and gear. During Cata I would pug raid groups as Feral and Heal in 5 mans and LFR.  He was also my second chance at getting holiday mounts until MoP when I leveled my third maxed toon to 90. My rogue Gearsedge.

During MoP he is my least geared toon.

I do miss him. When it rains he smells like a wet dog. When he skins he smells of iron blood.


During Cata Scythebitten’s most notable accomplishments were getting the Swift White Hawkstrider and the Reins of the Raven Lord mount on the same day. Then a few months later he found the Mysterious Camel Figurine in Uldum, while fishing for guild mats for feasts. He was ported to the boss and DPS’d him down in his heal spec.  He got the Reins of the Grey Riding Camel and the title The Camel-Hoarder.


During MoP this is the toon that I got the Reins of the Thundering Cobalt Cloud Serpent mount off Nalak. He also did not have Cloud Serpent Riding at the time.

Luckily he could still learn the mount and Guntitan is the only one who can ride the mount.

I always wanted to get the Frostscythe of Lord Ahune on this toon. Only my Mage has such an honor.

One day I plan to gear this toon again.

Why the professions? Why a Worgen?

I choose Leatherworking out of necessity. Guntitan needed leg enchants, crafted gear, and cloaks.

Skinning works well with Worgens because the racial, Flayer, and works really well with Swift Flight Form.  You skin faster with Flayer and you don’t have to unmount to skin a group of mobs. Worgens all have Viciousness which is a 1% increase to critical chance.  This passive ability matches well with the bonus you get from Master of Anatomy.

As a feral Druid the extra dash from the Worgen racial Darkflight helps especially in PVP while trying to run away, in PVE when trying to get out of the fire, or Soloing when you are trying to flee from a group of mobs you don’t want to kill.

About the Druid Class

I did have a OS Heals during Cata. I like the option of being able to choose which spec to play. There are 4 roles: melee, tank, range DPS and heals.

Swift Flight Form – Being able to shift into a flying form while falling is just so awesome. You don’t have to worry about falling to your death.  I also like to Dash, Darkflight, or use Stampeding Roar to run away then as soon as my aggro drops just Fly away.

Being able to fill in a role temporary.

Swimming form.  Just being able to breath underwater with Aquatic Form and adding the Glyph of Aquatic Form to swim faster is just a convenience.

I really can’t imagine being without my Feral Worgen Druid.

GT Lore if Guntitan and Scythebitten were to meet in game.

I am pretty sure Guntitan’s pets would be quite aggressive on their first meeting, especially if they see him as a Worgen.  In both forms Scythebitten is much taller than Guntitan. He looks vicious in his Worgen form but he is a Gentle giant as a Human. I always expected Scythe to be calm and quiet as a human. He would be the one meditating in the corner while Gun played with all his pets.

In combat Gun would see Scythe as a formidable ally. Ripping and tearing apart their enemies. As a Cat he would be aggressive and unforgiving. As a bear he would be a glutton for punishment but still hold his own.

If only were they to meet, Gun could thank Scythe for the armor and leg enchants and Scythe could reciprocate with a quiet bow for his Ghost Iron Dragonling and Spear of Xuen.

That’s my take on #DruidWeek

‘Til next time…

! Guntitan

Darkbrew is following me on twitter!

It felt so good. He is the guy who has his own in game drink named after him. You can make that drink to level cooking. He is part of the WHU podcast.


In my circle he is famous, a celebrity, a fellow hunter. Such an honor. Thank you, Darkbrew!

Playing World of Warcraft as a new dad

Hey Everyone,

I wonder if anyone still reads this blog?  Anyway here is a quick post I made a few months after I became a dad.  It was sitting in my recent drafts since October 2012.  I did fix it up some.

Here is a short list of what I was able to do when my son was a newborn and some of the things I get to do now, next month he will be 1 years old.  Being a dad, working full time, and taking care of my son have deeply cut in to my World of Warcraft time, but playing WoW does not beat hearing my son laugh and watching him learn new things like kissing girls romantically, crawling or learning to stand while holding on to something. I do wish the reputation grinds were a little faster.

I do 5 mans when baby and mommy are sleeping. The new 5 mans take about 30 mins to complete and also give reputation with a faction you choose. You will need a good chunk of uninterrupted time to complete them.Weekday nights after I bathe baby and eat dinner. My cut off time is usually 8:30 pm but some nights I stay up later and get 6 hours of sleep. Remember sometimes your wife will want you to wake up at 2 am and change a diaper or help baby go back to sleep.

Questing and farming when they are awake. That way you can be interrupted without leaving stranded four other players. More importantly you don’t leave your baby’s mom stranded when she calls for help. I usually do this on the weekends.

Auctioneering you can do pretty much in between feedings. Doesn’t take too much time.

When baby naps. Take turns with your baby’s mother.  Let mom do something fun while you watch baby, especially if you are the type of parents that don’t want to leave baby alone. It’s your turn to rest, or watch Netflix on your phone, or read digital comics, or read books, you know all that quiet stuff you can do in front of a sleeping baby.

At 90 there is a lot of stuff to do. I recommend leveling alts to 89 if you want them holiday mounts.

If you are having trouble keeping up to date with gearing methods here are a couple of guides that I use:

WoW Insider’s Guide to gearing up alts in MoP

Blizzard’s take on Catching up to 5.3 and 5.3 Escalation Round-up

Reputation grinds are still slow for a guy like me who does not get to play much.  Even Ghostcrawler mentioned that MoP was an expansion not meant for alts.  I do recommend sticking to one character(your main) for gearing and experiencing new content. For alts I recommend only leveling reputations that are needed for professions.  Patch 5.3 does introduce a new title that will only be available for a short time.  The title only gets unlocked on that toon so if you want them on your alts please do so.

While I still do enjoy the game, and value all the friendships and relations this WoW community has provided me, I have learned that priorities have shifted and somethings can be put off for a little while… except them holiday mounts.

‘Til next time…

! Guntitan

I am blogging from the hospital. The wife and I will be in the hospital until Tuesday. Baby was born at 2:53 am on July 1, 2012. He is 7 lbs 12 oz and almost 21 inches long.

This is the card my brother and family wrote to me:


Treasure Hunter Gun: Part 1

So you are level 85, maxed out your toon’s professions, your toon is almost in all 397 ilevel epics, and it’s towards the end of the expansion… Now you are so bored.  You even thought about going to play one of those other lesser MMOs but found out there’s no good MMOs for Macs. Back on your toon, you are sitting in Stormwind, holding your map out, checking your mail box for rares, and there’s only blues and greens, you got from doing solo Kara runs, which you were trying to sell on the AH. Look no further. Gun has something for you to do.

Burgy Blackheart’s Handsome Hat – I look for Burgy on my druid while I swim around for Poseidus who drops Reins of Posiedus.  The hat turns you into a gnome pirate, makes you semi-transparent, and when you mount everything is bigger… I mean the mounts are bigger… wait, let me try again… when you are on top the mounts get bigger.  Ugh!  Never-mind you get the idea.

Bone Fishing Pole – The Bag of Fishing Treasures, a reward from the Dalaran fishing daily, or Bag of Shiny Things, reward from the Stormwind or Ironforge fishing Daily, drop the fishing pole.  You have 2 chances a day to get the pole.  The bags also have a chance to drop Jeweled Fishing Pole, Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat, and Strand Crawler.

Sea Turtle – Obtain this rare turtle fishing from fishing pools in Northend or Cataclysm zones.  It might take some luck, some RNG, some praying to the Blizzard Gods (aka The Lost Vikings), or stepping in Worgen poo.  Oh yeah I went there.  You all know that the Lost Vikings 2 was the best game Blizzard ever made before Warcraft.

Salty the title – This will take some work and will require you to win either fishing tournament, do some random fishing everywhere, fish up some rare catches, and do fishing dailies once in a while.  I recommend trying to win Saturday’s tournament.  Sunday’s is kinda hard when the other faction comes up to you and ganks you.

If you obtain all of these treasures and hopefully more you can end up looking like this:

Bone Fishing Pole wielding pirate gnome who is Salty because he is dead on a Sea Turtle.

‘Til next time…

! Guntitan


While leveling fishing on my druid and fishing for feast mats for our guild run(which we didn’t get to go on due to lack of people online), I came across the famous Mysterious Camel Figurine, figured it was going to turn in to dust. It didn’t. Instead it ported me to somewhere in the middle of no where.

There Dormus was standing in all his camel-hoarding glory with a golden dragon around his portrait. I feral charged in and attacked him with heavy paws. He dropped the mount Reins of the Grey Riding Camel, got the Feat of Strength Scourer of the Eternal Sands, and the title “the Camel-Hoarder.”

This Druid is officially luckier than Guntitan.

‘Til next time…

/// Scythebitten

My Druid is Lucky!

After doing Firelands on Guntitan, I decided to try for some mounts.  For whatever reason I go on my druid.  I prowl past the adds in Sethekk Halls, kill the first boss, reach Anzu, kill it, then the Raven Lord drops.  In disbelief, I head to Magister’s Terrace, prowl past the adds, kill the 3 bosses, and reach Kael’thas Sunstrider, kill him, and the Swift White Hawkstider drops.  Within minutes of each other I got 2 rare mounts.

I still can’t believe it.  The junk thing is when I tried to go on Guntitan I ended up being saved to too many instances.

‘Til next time…

! Guntitan