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Gearing up as of Patch 3.3.3

Item Level 200 or lower

Get to 80

Quest for better gear (blues and purples)

Run Regular 5 mans

Run Heroic 5 mans item level 200

Level 80 Pre-Raiding Hunter Gear, Enchant & Gem 3-in-1 Guide (out dated)

Scattered Shots: Reputation rewards for Hunters in Wrath of the Lich King

Item Level 219 or above

Regular Forge of Souls > Pit of Saron > Halls of Reflection item level 219

Heroic Forge of Souls > Pit of Saron > Halls of Reflection item level 232

Update: Hunter Loot from ICC 5-Mans

Item Level 232 or above

Save Emblem of Triumph for at least 2 pieces of Tier 9 (head, chest, shoulders) item level 232

Conqueror’s Windrunner’s Pursuit | Conqueror’s Windrunner’s Battlegear

Run 10 man Vault of Archavon for at least 2 pieces of Tier 9 (legs and hands) item level 232 and 2 pieces of Tier 10 (legs and hands) item level 251

Ahn’Kahar Blood Hunter’s Battlegear

Run 10 man Trial of the Crusader to fill in gear slots not at item level 232

Item level 245 or above

Run 25 man Trial of the Crusader to replace items that are not item level 245 and to get at least 2 Trophy of the Crusade for Tier 9 item level 245

Run 25 man Vault of Archavon for at least 2 pieces of Tier 9 (legs and hands) item level 245 and 2 pieces of tier 10 (legs and hands) item level 264

Triumphant Windrunner’s Pursuit | Triumphant Windrunner’s Battlegear

Craft bracers and chest item level 245 if they are upgrades

Pre-Raid Hunter Gear Guide – Updated For 3.3

Item level 251 or above

Run 10 man ICC at least first 4 bosses until you replace all possible slots with gear item level 251

Use Emblem of Frost to purchase at least 2 pieces of Tier 10 (head, chest, shoulders) item level 251

Ahn’Kahar Blood Hunter’s Battlegear

Item level 264 or above

Run 25 man ICC at least first 4 bosses until you replace all possible slots with gear item level 264

Scattered Shots: It’s all hunter loot in ICC, part 1

Scattered Shots: It’s all hunter loot in ICC, part 2

Progress further in Icecrown Citadel and get better gear until you down Lich King.

Brewfest Wonders

I wanted to go down the Brewfest boss for the trinket that has the exact same stats as Mirror of Truth.  Noticed a group looking for more on trade and whoa lah!  Got a nice trinket!  Coren’s Chromium Coaster from the Brewfest boss.  Also the Ancient Pickled Egg dropped and Bubbling Brightbrew Charm dropped.  You can kill him for each party member who has not completed the daily quest.  You can kill him 5 times a day during Brewfest to get the drops you want.

What a good run.  Then I remembered something.  There’s a schematic in here for a repair bot that you need to make Jeeves.  I explored a little bit and found it next to the Golem Master dude.  Now I am on a mission to find the schematic for Field Repair Bot 110G, the schematic for Jeeves, and the mats to make Jeeves.

What a wonderful day for your neighborhood friendly engineering hunter…

‘Til next time…

! Guntitan

Trial of the Champion Hunter Armor Drop List


First off…

This is a nice instance to go to get geared.  It’s not that hard to do and not that hard to get a group.


Hunters can wear leather.  The drops in here have good leather drops for hunters so grab it if it is an upgrade.


This instance is easy and only takes about 30 minutes to do.


Don’t be greedy.  Only need on upgrades, pass if it is an upgrade for someone else, greed if no one else cares.

Here is the list from Wowhead.

Here are my suggestions:


Helm of the Silver Ranger

Sunreaver Ranger’s Helm

Mask of Distant Memory (H)

Helm of the Silver Ranger (H)

Sunreaver Ranger’s Helm (H)


Ancient Pendant of Arathor (H)


Shoulderpads of the Infamous Knave

Pauldrons of Concealed Loathing (H)


Chestguard of the Ravenous Fiend (H)


Bracers of the Silent Massacre

Bracers of the Silent Massacre (H)

Bracers of the Untold Massacre

Bracers of the Untold Massacre (H)

Wristguards of Ceaseless Regret

Armbands of the Wary Lookout (H)


Gloves of the Argent Fanatic

Gloves of the Silver Assassin

Gloves of the Silver Assassin (H)

Sunreaver Assassin’s Gloves

Sunreaver Assassin’s Gloves (H)

Gloves of the Dark Exile (H)


Belt of Fierce Competition

Belt of Merciless Cruelty


Leggings of Brazen Trespass


Icewalker Treads

Icewalker Treads (H)

Scale Boots of the Outlander

Treads of the Icewalker

Treads of the Icewalker (H)

Treads of Dismal Fortune (H)


Band of Callous Aggression

Ring of Callous Aggression

Ring of Callous Aggression (H)

Uruka’s Band of Zeal


Banner of Victory

2H Weapon – Polearm

Marrowstrike (H)

Ranged – Gun

True-aim Long Rifle (H)

I think that’s it.  If I missed anything let me know.  This list includes leather and mail armor.  Some of the drops are hard to come by, you’ll mostly get them by luck.  A lot of the leather armor includes Hit so use them until you reach the Hit cap or find something better.  A guide I’m currently reading is Endgame DPS/Mechanics Guide Reborn on the Wowhead forums.  Like I said in the previous post, “Gearing up Sucks.”  Good luck and happy hunting.


I forgot the weapons and some Heroic drops.  Found out while looking at MMO-Champion’s list.

‘Til next time..

! Guntitan


Look my Devilsaur is perched on the bench like a parrot.

Gearing up… Sucks!


I mean it.  Gearing up sucks.  I just spent the gold I was going to spend on dual specs to gear up some.  Now instead of 300 Gold behind I am about 700 Gold behind.  Not sure either since I didn’t look at how much gold I had after I geared up.  I hit Revered with Knights Ebon of Blade tonight and I’m exhausted.  I picked up the 2H sword Runeblade of Demonstrable Power, the shoulder pad Spaulders of the Black Arrow, and the head enchant Arcanum of Torment.  I spent time traveling to the Sons of Hodir goods dealer so I could pick up the Lesser Inscription of the Axe shoulder enchant.  Not exalted with Sons of Hodir yet.  Went to the Auction House in Dalaran to get the 85 attack power enchant for the new sword.  I feel super strong but lacking in the gold department.  Oh well.  The guide about making gold for the level 70 epic flying mount and duel specs is in the works.

Another place I found useful to gear up is at the Argent Tournament grounds and running that 5 man instance Trial of the Champion.  This subject and gear list will be another post.

‘Til next time…

! Guntitan

Sholazar Basin – First Run


Do all the Nessingwary quests related to the achievement Snows of Northend here for easy experiences points and fun kill quests.

There were only 2 pieces of armor that I picked up here on my Beast Master Hunter and they were:

Pauldrons of Resolution

Faceguard of Flawless Aim 

I didn’t do any quests related to the Frenzyheart Tribe or the Oracles.  I recommend doing a Wowhead filter to see what else you can get.

Didn’t catch the spirit beast but I did pick up Pitch as a throwaway pet.  Having Pitch as a throwaway pet is good.  You get to quest with a ferocity pet and prep yourself for end game content.

For professions I ended catching mineral nodes as I travel around, turning on Beast tracking and Mineral tracking as I go along.

‘Til next time…

! Guntitan

Swiftarrow Battlefear Set and Fang of Truth x2


Here is a quick comparison of what I have now at level 77  to the Swiftarrow set which I should have at level 78:

Umm… The link is too long so click here.  A fellow guild mate told me I should invest in it.  He said he spent about 400 gold to get it.  Resilience (a reduction in chance to be critically hit) looks cool, so does 4,500 more Health points and 2,290 more Mana points, and more crit and DPS makes my skin crawl.  I can’t wait until I get my reputation up with the Wyrmrest Accord and this awesome set.

! Guntitan


I must of spent at least 1000 Gold getting all 8 pieces and getting the mats to enchant the 2 swords.  So far the set has proven itself a reliable PVP set.  Tested it while defending Ironforge.  It also increased my mana and health by a lot.

It was cheaper getting the mats for the enchants and having a enchanter enchant the weapons for me.

I recommend getting Enchant Weapon – Exceptional Agility for both swords.  The Dream Shards cost about 20 G each and the Eternal Airs cost about 6 G each.  I tipped the enchanter 20 G.  Let’s do the math on the enchants.

Auction House price on my server for one enchant = 450 G

Eternal Air X 4 = 6 G x 4 = 24 G

Dream Shard X 4 = 20 G x 4 = 80 G

Total = 2*(Eternal Air X 4 + Dream Shard X 4) = 2*(24 G + 80 G) = 2*(104 G) = 208 G

Total w/ tip = 208 G + 20 G = 228 G

Total w/ tip < Auction House price on my server x2

228 G < 450 G x 2

228 G < 900 G

The statement is true.  Therefore we can conclude that finding an enchanter on Trade chat (/2) is cheaper then buying this enchant off the AH.

EDIT:  Fixed wrong math.  Still cheaper then buying the enchant off AH.



Hey everyone I hit 75 the other night and figured that now is the time for a list.

I recommend setting your Hearthstone’s new home at Amberpine Lodge.

I replaced my gear with the following while questing in Grizzly Hills.  I stacked Stamina and sacrificed some attack power and crit for about 1000 health points.  My gorilla and I were dying too fast.

Gorilla also doesn’t hold aggro anymore.  At level 74 I got myself a Grizzly Bear and I’m still testing it out so that’s another post.

For Alliance there is a nice set of 4 dailies that you can do near the Blue Sky Lodging Grounds.  This will help you get about 80,000 experience points a day.  There is a fifth daily near Amberpine Lodge that can easily be done. Netting you around 100,000 experience points in one day.  Good luck!

Polished Staghorn Helm 

Patched Trapper Pauldrons

Therapeutic Cloak

Flame-Tested Chest Piece

Whip-Stitched Wristguards 

Gossamer-Stained Grips 

Ghostridden Waistguard 

Greaves of Sanctified Dissolution – Group Quest.  You really need a group.

Short-Circuiting Boots

Worgslayer’s Ring 

Talon of Hatred 

I just listed the equipment for you.  You’ll get them in an order on how you go through Grizzly Hills.  I’m leaving out the links to the quests and starting NPCs this time.  I had way too much fun questing in this area and learning more about the World of Warcraft lore.

Watch for and be careful around the giants.  This area also has a lot of casters so spec your pet accordingly.  At this level being able to sacrifice some gold to respec is necessary.

Til next time…

! Guntitan

You are free my brothers!



Opps! How did that one get in here? 

How to create lists with Wowhead?

This is how I do it:

I search the Wowhead Database by zone. Example:
Database / Zones / Northend

I click on the zone I’m interested in. example: Borean Tundra


Scroll down past the map and choose the tab, Quest rewards.


[ click here for live example ]

Click on the tiny but useful Create a filter link.

Now here is the tricky part even with screen shots.

Next to Useable by click on the drop box and click on Hunter.


Click on the button Apply filter to narrow down the list.

Use the drop down menu under Slot to narrow it down by weapon or armor piece. Useful for just searching for the next perfect trinket, ring, or necklace.

Use the subcategory link to only display Mail armor. If you use the subcategory option and choose Armor then Mail, you will no longer see trinkets, necklaces, and rings. Then I use the Slot area to look for a specific piece like Chest.


Before I hit the shores of Northend I would use Add another filter to filter armor pieces that had Agility greater than 10. Now I find myself looking at weapons and armor that have Agility, Stamina, Attack Power, Hit Rating, and Critical Strike Rating. The stats you choose depend on what you want to do as a Hunter.

Wowhead also has a useful feature that lets you compare items. They have a rating system that you could use there.


Tour de Northend


I leveled to 67 while in Terrokar Forest.  Then finished the killing spree in Zangarmarsh at level 68.   I quested in Zagarmarsh for the reputation so I can get the Cenarion War Hippogryph later and pick up schematic for the Zapthrottle Mote Extractor!

At level 68, I left Zangarmarsh for the Alliance flight path in Shadowmoon Valley.  I went there so I could come back later and pick up flying.  Aye had too many beers before I left the Sporelings.

With 700 something gold, only mining and first aid maxed out, I headed to Northend.

I’m in Borean Tundra.  I picked up my first couple of quests and headed into the battle field where there were a bunch of spiders killing soldiers.  Now here I am in Valliance Keep making for lists for me fellow hunters and myself.

Northend – Hunter Quest Rewards – Starting Zones

Part 1 – Borean Tundra

Back – For the quest that yields you a Durable Worghide Cape it is a quest reward from a 4 part chain that starts in Borean Tundra. You end up catching a boat to Moa’ki Harbor in Dragonblight.

2H Axe – Blubber Carver.  Easy to obtain.  One of the first quests you can pick up.

Bow – Start with getting this Valiance Longbow.  It is easy to obtain, you get it from killing six big spiders as one of your first quests entering Borean Tundra.

Guns – Yes Guns! You can get G.E.H.T.A. and Fury of the Raging Dragon from 4 part quest chains.

Hands – You finally get to mount a dragon with the second part of a chain that wields you Glimmering Ringmail Gloves.

Waist – You get Plainhunter’s Waistband from the last part of a 4 part chain starting with the quest What’s the Matter with the Transmatter?

Head – Sharkproof Coif is from the last part of a 3 part chain starting with A Father’s Words.  Sounds easy!

Chest – Plainhunter’s Chestpiece 

Legs – Rusty Mesh Leggings or Westrift Leggings

Shoulders – Choose from Ethical Epaulettes,  Plainhunter’s Epaulettes, or Spiked Magmoth Mantle.

Tinket – OMG! I’m so in love with Death Knight’s Anguish.


Here is a list of Terokkar Forest quest rewards that are useful to Hunters.  I’m skipping the explanations since most of us will pick up quests as we venture further into the forest.  I had no clue what I was talking about when I wrote the Hellfire post.  Just pick up quests as you go along.   The rewards will come.;cr=126:21;crs=3519:1;crv=0:10

Head:  Helm of Lupine Grace

Neck:  Choker of Bloodied Feathers

Chest:  Warpstalker Breastplate

Hands:  Sha’tari Marksman’s Gloves

Wrist:  Feathered Armbands

Legs:  Stillfire Leggings

Feet:  Fleet Refugee’s Boots

Finger:  Heirloom Signet of Valor and Blessed Signet Ring.

Back:  Consortium Cloak of the Quick