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Next stop Tanaris.


Tanaris has a lot of quests.  Most of them deal with killing pirates.

  1. Lots of easy kill quests.
  2. Pattern drops for Scorpid Armor.
  3. Last robo-chicken egg quest.  This one is a far walk with less group spawns.  Most of the enemies you encounter are already on the path.
  4. Nice sandy beaches.
  5. I want a turtle!

I dinged to level 49 here without much effort.

‘Til next time…

! Guntitan

Moving on to The Hinterlands.


  1. Easy quests.
  2. Reminds me of Dun Morogh.
  3. Find me eggs???  Two egg quests.  Robo-Chicken and gryphon eggs.
  4. Blue Helmet for Hunters.  Find quest Jammal’an the Prophet.  Reward Helm of Exile.  I didn’t find a group to run the instance but I will.
  5. I love killing trolls!
  6. Decent drops.
  7. Level mining.  Mithril and Truesliver veins.

‘Til next time…

! Guntitan

Next blog:  Next stop Zippy’s Tanaris.

Quick Overview of Feralas.


  1. Dawnrider’s Chestpiece see finding mail armor post.  This piece has been with me up until level 55 or so.  Good grab.  Go get it!
  2. Fun quests like shrinking giants and killing yetis for their hides.
  3. Egg quest – Find the egg, find the robot chicken, escort the chicken.  Nice robot chicken reward!  Wait… There are 2 more eggs to find.
  4. Decent drops.  Kill yetis.  I found some good leather armor drops.  Gave them away. =)

‘Til next time…

! Guntitan

Next blog:  Moving on to The Hinterlands.


Finding mail armor for your level 40 hunter is as difficult as finding pet skills at level 30.  I derived this plan from using the Armory, Wowhead, and Thottbot.  Let’s see if I will follow through.  This blog will be continually updated until all of my slots are full with mail gear.

To check my progress go to my armory spot.

Original plan.  | What actually happened.

 I originally wanted to go for a Skullsplitter Helm.  I tried to get it with guild mates but we kept on getting ganked.   Plus the Headhunters and Berserkers are hardly around.  Instead my buddies from my guild wanted to do the Razorfen Kraul instance and I ended up rolling on this Tusken Helm.  It’s awesome.

Tough Scorpid Shoulders:  Buy it on the AH or have a guild mate make it for me.  If no one has the pattern I’ll be in Tanaris farming Wastewander Scofflaw or Wastewander Assassins for it.  I bought it on the AH.

Dawnrider’s Chestpiece:  In Feralas on Feathermoon Island you must first complete this chain The Ruins of Solarsal.  Then start this quest line that begins with Against the Hatecrest (Quest) and finishes with Delivering the Relic (Delivery Quest) and you’ll get the armor as a reward.  This was intended to be the first armor I was going to go after but as soon as I got to Feathermoon Island, my guild mates wanted to run the Razorfen Kraul instance.  (see above)

I originally wanted to go for Myrmidon’s Bracers: Buy it on the AH.  Instead I ended up exploring STV trying to finish all of the quests I picked up there.  While following the eastern shoreline I found a message in a bottle which led me to Jaguero Isle.  Which BTW has a good hunter pet to pick up Prowl (Rank 3) if you are a high enough level to learn it.  Look for Jaguero Stalker.  I completed a quest to land me Poobah’s Nose RingYou kill a giant gorilla  to complete the quest.

Tough Scorpid Gloves:  Buy it on the AH or farm the pattern in Tanaris and ask a guild mate to make it.

Blackforge Girdle:  Buy it on the AH.  I did for 9 gold.

 I originally wanted to go for Blackforge LeggingsInstead I ended up getting Dual Reinforced Leggings which is a lot better in defense.  You get it for killing Mekgineer Thermaplugg in Gnomeregan for the quest The Grand Betrayal.  Earlier that same day we ran Razorfen Kraul we ended up running the Gnomeregan instance. It is easy with a few level 40s and a healer.  It’s lacking the bonus attributes but they can be made up for with good enchants on other equipment. Equipment that’s not bind on pick up.

I originally wanted Myrmidon’s Greaves: Buy it on the AH.  I ended up picking up Blackforge Greaves as a drop while fighting in Hinterlands.

I will buy and sell on the AH to make my gold (see my post about Obtaining gold for your mount).  I also plan to farm minerals like mithril in the Hinterlands.  I need mithril to make Hi-Impact Mithril Slugs and level engineering.

In reflection to BRK’s podcast and my own quest for mail armor at Level 40.  I’ll leave you with his wisdom and some of my own words.  BRK said, “Getting gear is fun.  Getting gear is not the ultimate goal of the game.”  Yes getting gear is fun.  It will be replaced in a few levels so don’t worry if you checked your armory, listed every upgrade for your current level, and derived a plan to obtain them all.  Yet didn’t obtain them.

Once I dinged to level 43, Tusken Helm got replace with Bloomsprout Headpiece for the first spot on my upgrade list on the armory.  To get that piece I would have to enter an instance in Desolace at around level 48.  Instances are fun.  But for five more levels my helmet is going to be Tusken Helm.  I also found out that mail armor at my current level does not provide the +Agility bonuses that I need as a hunter.  I might end up equipping a few leather gear here and there.  Oh well…

Til’ next time…

! Guntitan

Level 40.


I hit level 40 and I don’t know where to go next.  Any suggestions?  I know I’ll be gathering pet skills once I hit level 43.  (I’m going to save me the trouble of traveling between continents) I’ll go after King Bangladash for Claw (Rank 6) and Dash (Rank 2).  For Prowl (Rank 2), I’m going after Elder Shadowmaw Panther (level 42 – 43).  I really need to know where I should go after that.  What areas give good armor as drops or quest rewards?  Please comment.

‘Til next time…

! Guntitan

Hunting in Duskwood.

To get to Duskwood go south from Elwynn Forest or go east from Westfall.  Do every single quest you can find especially if you are starting this zone at level 20.  A bunch of quests can be found in the town, Darkshire.  The town is located on the east side of the zone.  Just follow the main road.  Go there to obtain the flight path.

I strongly advise all you, Young Guns, to group in this area.  It will make some of the kill quests go by faster. Believe me, there are a lot of kill quests in this area.  More importantly, it will be less scary walking in the dark as a group.

At level 33 my current wolf is from Duskwood.  He is a Black Ravager Mastiff (Level 25 – 26) and he comes with the skills Bite (Rank 4) and Furious Howl (Rank 2) .  Easy to obtain just a pain to level your character from level 20 to level 26 .  While hunting this beastie watch out for others of his kind nearby.  They roam close to one another.  You could be trying to tame him, get attacked by another one, then die. 

The main reason why I wrote this blog is for really good quest rewards that are found in this area, one of them gives you a better pouch or quiver.  Here they are:

Level 20:  If you came from Westfall you should of started this chain with the NPC Jitters.  You’re going to laugh but trust me on this one.  In Darkshire, talk to the NPC Chef Grual and obtain the quest Dusky Crab Cakes.  Finish it for the recipe.  You will encounter a lot of Spiders in the World of Warcraft.  This recipe allows you to level your cooking instead of just selling off those Gooey Spider Legs.  We need food to heal in between fighting mobs.

Level 20 – 30:  Like I said.  Do every single quest you can find here, if you are having trouble look at Thottbot.

Requires Level 24 – 30:  Cha’ ching!  Now here is the winner.  In Darkshire, talk to the Commander Althea Ebonlocke to start the Night Watch kill questing chain.  50 baddies in all.  At the end of this chain you will receive a better ammo sack or a better quiver.

1% more in attack speed won’t help out as much but having 2 more slots for ammo or arrows will help out a lot.  Especially while doing a lot of kill quests or running the battle grounds.

Level 28:  I am not going to talk as much here.  It’s a long chain that takes forever but is worth while.  Start the Legend of Stalva chain in Moonbrook (Westfall).  Kill the Banshee and follow their bloody trail.

Level 30:  Look for A Weathered Grave.   Go back to Darkshire. Follow the chain.  Kill the ghoulie.  I recommend taking one other person to kill him.  You’ll eventually be lead to find Watcher Ladimore to otain the quest A Daughter’s Love.  Finish this quest back at the Weathered Grave and you’ll get a powerful 2-hand sword, called Archeus.

That’s all I can think of for now.

‘Til next time… Happy Hunting!

! Guntitan

Not Level 30 yet?

The Addon you need:  QuestHelper

Here are some good quests for young Hunters with useful rewards for Hunters:

Loch Modan

Level 16:  In Loch Modan go east past Ironband’s Excavation to Fast Rider’s Lodge.  Talk to the NPC Daryl the Youngling and get the quest, A Hunter’s Boast. Complete the quest to receive a better gun or bow.

Level 17:  After you turn in A Hunter’s Boast take on the Hunter’s Challenge.  Completing the quest will grant you a decent one hand sword and a new shirt.  Right on!

Level 20:  Now go talk to the NPC Vyrin Swiftwind and accept the quest Vyrin’s Revenge. Do this chain to pick up a better ammo pouch or quiver.

Next Blog:  Hunting in Duskwood.