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Firelands Hunter Loot

9.14.11 EDIT: Fixed grammar and other errors. No more rushed posts.
EDIT: I forgot a neck and some links.

Better late than never huh? I really didn’t want to post a list until I got in to Firelands and started to raid more. Actually most of my time has been spent playing the game. I recently server transferred to a high pop server and expect to see more action soon. More on that later… for now the list.


Head – Scalp of the Bandit Prince – 2nd BIS until you get your tier 12 token from Ragnaros. This helm is easy to get considering it’s pretty much the first boss you can take on. Firelands is odd like that where you can choose which boss you want to fight.


Shoulders – Flickering Shoulders – Drops with 4 random enchants. This piece is also 2nd BIS until you get your tier 12 token from Majordomo Staghelm. Based on stat priority a MM or SV hunter would want the “of the Windflurry” and BM would want the “of the Windstorm” shoulder. It really is a matter of personal preference but it also depends on luck.

Ring – Widow’s Kiss – An easy ring to get and you don’t need valor to purchase it, unlike Splintered Brimstone Seal.

Lord Rhyolith

Back – Dreadfire Drape – This will replace your rep cloak, Sleek Flamewrath Cloak, if you haven’t got it already. It is especially useful for its 2 gem slots. Stick 2 Delicate Inferno Rubys in there and you win with a 100 Agility increase over the rep cloak.

Chest – Flaming Core Chestguard – 2nd BIS until you get your tier 12 chest, Flamewaker’s Tunic, from Valor points. If you are lucky enough to get this while raiding with your guild then save your Valor points for the other stuff and get your tier 12 chest piece last.

Crossbow – Arbalest of Erupting Fury a nice drop to get unless you have already obtained Lava Bolt Crossbow from trash. BM hunter will prefer Arbalest over the Lava Bolt. Dwarves will still want their PVP gun.

Baleroc, The Gate Keeper

Feet – Decimation Treads – The only set of boots you can get from this patch.


Legs – Moltenfeather Leggings – 2nd BIS until you get your tier 12 legs. If you are lucky to obtain these use your Valor points on the other stuff before you get your teir 12 legs, Flamewaker’s Legguards. I was lucky enough to get my legs from BH.

Majordomo Staghelm

Shoulders – Flamewaker’s Spaulders is from the token Mantle of the Fiery Protector. They will replace the shoulders from Beth’tilac.

Hands – Grips of Unerring Precision – 2nd BIS until you get your tier 12 gloves, Flamewaker’s Gloves. If you are fortunate enough to get this while raiding with your guild then save your Valor points for the other stuff and get your tier 12 hands last.

Trinket – The Hungerer – A good trinket. Debatable but still good. I would take it just for the more consistent agility.

2H Weapon – Fandral’s Flamescythe – If there is a feral druid with you please pass on this so they can turn in to fire kitties. If there isn’t one, stand in Stormwind and mock the druids. Hunter’s will want the polearm Ranseur of Hatred which is from trash.


Head – Flamewaker’s Headguard is from the token Helm of the Fiery Protector. They will replace your helm from Shannox.

Neck – Choker of the Vanquished Lord – It is better than the one you get from valor points, Necklace of Smoke Signals.

Trinket – Matrix Restabilizer – BIS trinket.

Bow – Arathar, the Eye of Flame – BIS range weapon and it’s sexy.


Polearm – Ranseur of Hatred – This is for the hunters not the druids.

Bracers – Hide-Bound Chains – It’s good especially if you need hit. The Valor point ones are better.

Crossbow – Lava Bolt Crossbow – Since they changed it, the bow is now better for MM and SV.

Reputation Rewards – Avengers of Hyjal

Friendly – Cape – Sleek Flamewrath Cloak 2nd BIS until you get the drop from Lord Rhyolith.

Honored – Belt – Firearrow Belt – BIS. There aren’t anymore belts after this one.

Revered – Trinket – Ancient Petrified Seed – For this guy I would say try it. As BM I can see this being beneficial during Bestial Wrath. If you are MM or SV I would skip it.

Exalted – Ring – Viridian Signet of the Avengers – BIS slot ring.

If you want to gear up some before Firelands I recommend doing the Molten Front dailies. They offer some good 365s. There are 3 patterns that a hunter would need. The vendors are unlocked after you turn in a bunch of Marks of the World Tree.

Molten Front Rewards from the Vendors

Trinket – Ricket’s Magnetic Fireball

Ring – Matoclaw’s Band – Replace any 359 ring you might still have.

Ring – Band of Glittering Lights – Replace any 359 ring you might still have.

Feet – Lancer’s Greaves – Replace any stinky 359 shoes you might still be wearing.

Molten Front rewards from the patterns, 8 Truegold, 5 Chaos Orbs, and some other stuff…

Gun – Extreme-Impact Hole Puncher – This gun does less DPS than a 378 if you are a dwarf.

Scope – Flintlocke’s Woodchucker – BIS scope.

Polearm – Witch-Hunter’s Harvester – I would get this if you are still wielding a Jindo’s Verdict.

This list should prepare you for what drops you should be expecting from Firelands and some gear you could easily obtain before hand. Good luck and Happy Hunting.

‘Til next time…

! Guntitan