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SpartanUI Fix. Sorry IRL I’ve been raiding.

I’m updating with a AddOn fix.  Follow the link below if you are using SpartanUI.  I really hope the AddOn is not dead.

‘Til next time…

! Guntitan


You can have 2 windows open for Skada if you didn’t know.  More on how to do that for another post.


Last blog post was about 3 months ago.  It looks like we are getting a version 3.

Oper Mini 5 Beta

Opera Mini 5 Beta Icon

Totally  kicks ass!

Go test it out for yourself.  Makes browsing Wowhead a breeze, now loads the full page of Wow Insider, but I can’t blog on WordPress.  Remember it’s only the Beta and they still have time to fix it.

I almost got everything I asked for, here’s my tweet to them about 5 days before they released the beta:

Opera Mini 5 Twitter

Did you see?  I asked for Tabs, and a find, we were on the same page.  Uh huh!  GT is genius.

Next release I get copy & paste.  One can dream right?

! Guntitan

BRK has Brain… I’m stuck with him…  =/

?/ Insomnia >> …

! Guntitan >> Why am I still up?

?/ Insomnia >> Work tomorrow, make tests, tutor, come home, mail out taxes, download 714 MB patch, listen to wife…

! Guntitan >> Damn. I got a lot of things to do tomorrow. Why doesn’t the MacBook safe my download progress?

?/ Insomnia >>  I don’t know.  BTW, You got 2 computers to install a patch on.

! Guntitan >> Wife is going to be pissed.  I hope she doesn’t have to use either computer.

?/ Insomnia >> You are so going to get a Giant’s foot up your ass.

! Guntitan >> I know.  Hey man we need to go to sleep.

?/ >> Who do you think I am?  The sandman.  I can’t go to sleep.

! Guntitan >> Why didn’t I name you something else?

?/ >> Why didn’t you?

! Guntitan >> yawns

?/ >> You can’t go to sleep, yet.  What happened to my name?

! Guntitan >> You are like a pet.  I disabled your name from my interface options.

?/ You don’t have interface options on your blog.

! Guntitan >> I do now.

?/ What the?.. Hey… cut that out… No…

?/ Ha! It didn’t work!  

Group disbanded.

?/ Guntitan?

‘Til next time…

?/ Insomnia

Frustrated installing World of Warcraft?


I wish I browsed World of Warcraft’s website more thoroughly.  I spent hours installing WoW with my installation disks and downloading the updates on my new MacBook.  I wish I found this earlier:

You will download all of the World of Warcraft clients with all the updates in one crack then install WoW in one crack.  You don’t need to use your old disks to install the game.  Good to use during your yearly reinstall of Windows Vista or Mac OS X.  Also, good when you buy a new computer.

 Now you know.

‘Til next time…

! Guntitan

With a MacBook comes great complications.  My new 10.2 Mega Pixels Samsung digital camera’s software doesn’t work with it.  April Fools!

Who needs software when you got iPhoto?  I used the Enhance button and Crop feature on this tiger cub at the Honolulu Zoo.

For more information on the new additions click here…

I found out that the 3 cubs were born on my IRL Birthday.  How cool is that?

Now I’m tempted to go back to Stranglethorn Vale and tame one.

These photos were taken with the appreciation for BRK in mind. Good luck with everything and we hope to hear from you soon.

One of Honolulu Zoo's Finest Additions

One of Honolulu Zoo's Finest Additions

One of Honolulu Zoo's Finest Additions

‘Til next time…

! Guntitan