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Treasure Hunter Gun: Part 1

So you are level 85, maxed out your toon’s professions, your toon is almost in all 397 ilevel epics, and it’s towards the end of the expansion… Now you are so bored.  You even thought about going to play one of those other lesser MMOs but found out there’s no good MMOs for Macs. Back on your toon, you are sitting in Stormwind, holding your map out, checking your mail box for rares, and there’s only blues and greens, you got from doing solo Kara runs, which you were trying to sell on the AH. Look no further. Gun has something for you to do.

Burgy Blackheart’s Handsome Hat – I look for Burgy on my druid while I swim around for Poseidus who drops Reins of Posiedus.  The hat turns you into a gnome pirate, makes you semi-transparent, and when you mount everything is bigger… I mean the mounts are bigger… wait, let me try again… when you are on top the mounts get bigger.  Ugh!  Never-mind you get the idea.

Bone Fishing Pole – The Bag of Fishing Treasures, a reward from the Dalaran fishing daily, or Bag of Shiny Things, reward from the Stormwind or Ironforge fishing Daily, drop the fishing pole.  You have 2 chances a day to get the pole.  The bags also have a chance to drop Jeweled Fishing Pole, Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat, and Strand Crawler.

Sea Turtle – Obtain this rare turtle fishing from fishing pools in Northend or Cataclysm zones.  It might take some luck, some RNG, some praying to the Blizzard Gods (aka The Lost Vikings), or stepping in Worgen poo.  Oh yeah I went there.  You all know that the Lost Vikings 2 was the best game Blizzard ever made before Warcraft.

Salty the title – This will take some work and will require you to win either fishing tournament, do some random fishing everywhere, fish up some rare catches, and do fishing dailies once in a while.  I recommend trying to win Saturday’s tournament.  Sunday’s is kinda hard when the other faction comes up to you and ganks you.

If you obtain all of these treasures and hopefully more you can end up looking like this:

Bone Fishing Pole wielding pirate gnome who is Salty because he is dead on a Sea Turtle.

‘Til next time…

! Guntitan



Hey everyone I hit 75 the other night and figured that now is the time for a list.

I recommend setting your Hearthstone’s new home at Amberpine Lodge.

I replaced my gear with the following while questing in Grizzly Hills.  I stacked Stamina and sacrificed some attack power and crit for about 1000 health points.  My gorilla and I were dying too fast.

Gorilla also doesn’t hold aggro anymore.  At level 74 I got myself a Grizzly Bear and I’m still testing it out so that’s another post.

For Alliance there is a nice set of 4 dailies that you can do near the Blue Sky Lodging Grounds.  This will help you get about 80,000 experience points a day.  There is a fifth daily near Amberpine Lodge that can easily be done. Netting you around 100,000 experience points in one day.  Good luck!

Polished Staghorn Helm 

Patched Trapper Pauldrons

Therapeutic Cloak

Flame-Tested Chest Piece

Whip-Stitched Wristguards 

Gossamer-Stained Grips 

Ghostridden Waistguard 

Greaves of Sanctified Dissolution – Group Quest.  You really need a group.

Short-Circuiting Boots

Worgslayer’s Ring 

Talon of Hatred 

I just listed the equipment for you.  You’ll get them in an order on how you go through Grizzly Hills.  I’m leaving out the links to the quests and starting NPCs this time.  I had way too much fun questing in this area and learning more about the World of Warcraft lore.

Watch for and be careful around the giants.  This area also has a lot of casters so spec your pet accordingly.  At this level being able to sacrifice some gold to respec is necessary.

Til next time…

! Guntitan

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