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Custom Windows Theme: NightSky

Hello everyone,

This is my first blog post regarding anything related to Windows.  I think it is.

Microsoft released an update back in 2016 regarding adding a background image to the Login Screen. My wishes were fulfilled (I actually submitted feed back requesting this feature when Windows 10 first came out).  I am not entirely sure when I noticed when it got implemented.

Google Images

Use Google Images to find your wallpapers. is not updated to the modern screen resolutions. Search by your preferred resolution and the words “anime wallpaper.”  Like this… “1920×1080 anime wallpaper”

File Manager

Save your preferred set of wallpapers in a New folder.  I picked a name that would be the name of my Theme. You can always rename it later. You could always back up the images you collect to Google drive and use it on multiple computers.

To easily save the image in the right screen resolution. After you conduct your search click the image you want.  Then Right click the image as seen above.  Then click Save Image as… you don’t need to rename it.


Choose your Background to be Slideshow.  Trust me.  Having it change is way cooler.  Plus if your second monitor is an extension of your primary monitor you will be able to have 2 different wallpapers on each screen.  Pick the folder you saved all your images in and Remove any other folders from the list “Chose albums for your slideshow.”  Don’t delete your Pictures folder in File Manager.

You can adjust the rate the images change.  I have mine at 30 minutes.  You want Shuffle to be on.

For Choose a fit I picked Center.  My second monitor is actually a TV with a lower resolution than my primary monitor. If I had lower resolution wallpapers to match my second monitor’s resolution the primary monitor wallpaper would look pixelated. At Center you preserve the integrity of the image without sacrificing image quality.  Edit: Fit is much better for screens with different aspect ratios and lower resolutions.  I would change it to Fit instead of Center. Either way it looks good.

You also have the option to change your background color.  It won’t matter if your wallpaper resolutions are the matching resolution of your screen.  It is set at Black for this theme.


For Colors you may automatically pick an accent color.  I don’t recommend this and would rather have a set color.  For this I choose Default Blue.  Transparency effects are On.  I disabled showing the accent color on the Start, taskbar, action center and Title bars.  Default app mode is set to Dark.

Lock screen

For some reason slideshow still uses Picture as your Lock screen.  Pick a picture from a part of your slide show as the Background. Then pick a folder for your slideshow.  You need to make sure to set up both.  Same as Background. If you have multiple folders here it will display all of them so Remove any additional folders.


For Taskbar settings, you could leave everything alone.  I do disable the Taskbar on Multiple displays.  I use my second monitor to stream shows from Netflix, VRV, Directvnow, etc. Having the taskbar on the second monitor is a minor annoyance. Also the primary monitor is lower than the secondary. It’s like up like a ZTE Axon M.

Custom Profile Icon

Click on Windows “Start Button.” Go to your Username. Right click it.  Click Change Account Settings.  Create your picture. Choose Browse for one. I used a picture from the collection I found on Google Images that matches well with my theme.

Once you are done. Go to Themes.


Save and name your Theme. You could go one step further and change your mouse and how it looks.

Below is the Zip file containing the collection of Wallpapers I discovered and are currently using for this theme:

Enjoy your new theme with a custom Lockscreen, Login screen, Backgrounds and a custom profile Icon that matches your Login screen.

Here is a Bonus Image I forgot to include in the Zip file.  I can’t use it at work but my theme on the work computer is the same setup.

’til next time…

! Guntitan


You can also save your themes.

NightSky Theme

I’m Back…

Well I am back temporary for you know the 13th Anniversary and Christmas stuff.  I might play, I might not play.  Anything I should know?  I still feel lost.

I was resubbed for 2 months starting in September and logged in for the Blizzcon mounts.  Played on Guntitan, got some quick Artifact Power then I didn’t feel like playing after that.  I spend most of my free time watching Anime at and writing short post about it on my Facebook group about Anime.

Also, I got a new job in May.  I am the Operator/Receptionist/Processor/Mailroom Clerk(receiving, sorting, and sending).  When I interview they said I was over qualified. Never thought much about it until I started to do the job.  I never knew how much I was going to love it, until I started to do it.

For example.  The skill set I use for this job is pretty much what I used to do in College working in the Library and kind of what I used to when I was a tutor at the College.  I work mostly alone like when I had my own office at the school.  I don’t service or do sales calls like my previous job in a call center, I just pass off the work to the agent or the customer service representative.  They don’t micro manage, which I love.  In the call center I used to have someone always on my back and it really gets annoying.  Especially if they only hear half of your conversation that you are having with a customer.

2 people form different aspects of my life(personal and professional) have said to me that I look happier and less stressed.  Imagine going in to a job that you love to do everyday.  I haven’t felt that way in a long time.  Am I important?  Yes.  Without me they would be months and months behind still in processing.  I managed to catch up with help in about 2 months.  But one of our temporary workers left and I picked up their load of work so now I am about 4 weeks behind.

The hurdle I really had to get over.  Was this… I am never, never required to complete all of my work in one day.  That amount of work that comes in everyday is not meant to be completed.  As a child growing up.  One of my biggest influences in my life when it came to work ethics was my Uncle Chris.  He would always work until the job was done.  Even if it meant that he had to work until Midnight.  He was a mechanic by trade.  I remember being with him and my brother in my Grandma’s garage while he worked on cars with a hook light in the hood or a flood light.  We would try to assist the best we could but what would a 10 year old and an 8 year old know about cars?  He would also never do a job without the proper tools.

Since I am doing Processing data entry type work, my time spent listening to the radio has increased exponentially.  They say listening to the radio reduces stress.  Well from my experience it is mostly true.  I do have a Sony alarm/clock radio.  I catch all the local radio stations but I mostly listen to Kool Gold.

When I picked up the Note 8, I decided to use Slacker radio. AT&T brought back Unlimited Data so I was no longer afraid to stream… well everything.  The Note 8 came with AVG earphones that are normally $99 and have build in amplifiers.  The Sony radio sounds better than the desktop speakers that are inside my PC case.  When I attempt to play my Slacker Train radio station on the PC, it just sounds horrible.  Like a Mono speaker that is being told to shut up with death threats.  They just fail to deliver that stereo sound.

Back to proper tools.  This job offers to pay for supplies, they even offered to get new filing cabinets(which so far, I have declined but if I did they would be black ones).  They are willing to do anything to make me effective and happy.  I just inquired about getting PC speakers.  They offered to get them.

My issue is this… I have been doing a ton of research.  At home I currently have the Bose Companion 2 Series II my brother gave to me.  They sound great.  They amplify sound like I have never heard.  I am torn between Bose and Logitech.  They are just for the Front Desk at work.  My brother suggested to go cheap eg. something from Amazon Basics which do sound great.

Keep in my mind.  During my 8 hour work day.  I am listening to music 7 out of the 8 hours I am there.  That’s about 87.5% of my work day.  I don’t just want speakers to get the job done.  I want speakers to GET THE JOB DONE, SON!

Plus the other agents have TVs in their offices and our President has this really nice Sony stereo set that looks like it was from the 80s.  I want a nice toy at my desk.  Maybe something like the video below:

One can dream right?  I might just settle for a 2.1 Speaker set from Logitech.  I do have some gift cards I can use.  Not sure I need bass while I am work, especially with the music I listen to.  So much things to think about just for PC speakers.

‘Til next time…

! Guntitan

Baby Worgen Feral Druid Leveling

Druid Leveling Guide from Restokin. Covers Feral Leveling Talent Spec, Spells & Abilities, Glyphs & Gear.

Baby Feral Druid Kitty Heirlooms

Zone (Level range)
Important Quest Chains

Gilneas City (1-5)

You are very limited and can’t leave the zone until you finish all the quests in the zone. Just grab the leather pieces with Agility and Stamina if you are leveling feral.

Gilneas (1-12)

Finish off the zone with The Battle for Gilneas City and pick up Mace of the Blood Price.

Darkshore (10-20)

Make sure you do Disturbing Connections and grab Silver Embossed Boots.  Then do The Battle for Darkshore and grab Bracers of the Ancient Grove.

Duskwood (20-25)

I still have to make my way to Duskwood.  Why not Ashemvale?  It’s now a Horde invested wasteland that’s why!  On a serious note, for alliance there isn’t enough quests there with good enough rewards.

This should get you started.  If you get lost just look at the bulletin boards in any main city, and it can put you on a quest to get you to your next zone.

Why druid?  Feral Druids, rogues, and baby hunters (up to level 40) compete for the same gear in low level dungeons.  Hunters will want leather gear up to level 40 and will follow the same questing path until then.  I figured why not?  I am having fun leveling my baby worgen feral druid kitty so much that I had to blog about it.  Keep in mind that Hunters can use the same heirlooms up to level 40.

You could use some of these pieces for you hunter like the head, shoulders and chest until level 40.  Then use the cape all the way until 85.

‘Til next time…

/// Oncebitten

Gearing up… Sucks!


I mean it.  Gearing up sucks.  I just spent the gold I was going to spend on dual specs to gear up some.  Now instead of 300 Gold behind I am about 700 Gold behind.  Not sure either since I didn’t look at how much gold I had after I geared up.  I hit Revered with Knights Ebon of Blade tonight and I’m exhausted.  I picked up the 2H sword Runeblade of Demonstrable Power, the shoulder pad Spaulders of the Black Arrow, and the head enchant Arcanum of Torment.  I spent time traveling to the Sons of Hodir goods dealer so I could pick up the Lesser Inscription of the Axe shoulder enchant.  Not exalted with Sons of Hodir yet.  Went to the Auction House in Dalaran to get the 85 attack power enchant for the new sword.  I feel super strong but lacking in the gold department.  Oh well.  The guide about making gold for the level 70 epic flying mount and duel specs is in the works.

Another place I found useful to gear up is at the Argent Tournament grounds and running that 5 man instance Trial of the Champion.  This subject and gear list will be another post.

‘Til next time…

! Guntitan

I just logged into WordPress and look at what I caught.  10 views today no… 2,500 Total Views.

2,500 hits

2,500 hits

I would like to thank Eresin and Davlin for discovering my blog, Mania for gathering all the pet information, Pike for all the role playing stories, Twisted Nether and Lassirra for listing me, and BRK for the inspiration to start this blog.  If there is anyone I missed please let me know.  Don’t worry I won’t be like Phineas and Ferb during their one hit wonder episode.

Davlin kind of asked in a totally unrelated email why I started this blog?

I figured it would be appropriate for the you to know when I hit a nice milestone in hits.

Let me list a few hunter skills that higher level hunter’s talk about that I never knew about when I was just a wee pellet shooting Hunter.

  1. Aimed Shot – you can pick it up at level 20 if you are a Marksman hunter.
  2. Steady Shot – a level 50 shot.
  3. Kill Command – a level 66 you could say buff to your pet’s attack power.
  4. Kill Shot – a level 70 shot

If you ever asked yourself,  “What’s a shot rotation?”  LoL.  Sometimes I still forget.

At one point in time you didn’t know how to shoot or fill your paper doll or where to buy ammo.  When famous bloggers like BRK talked about Kill Shot and think, “What is he talking about?”

If you ever felt like you didn’t know how to kill things as a new Hunter.  If you ever felt like leveling from level 30 to 40 was the hardest thing you ever did.  If words or phrases like aggro and “burn things down” made you feel lost.

At the time you didn’t find any guides or blogs that talked about what you should be doing at this level, how to fight, where to get pet skills (before patch 3.0.2), what armor should you be using, where should you be questing, when you should be changing out your pouches or quivers, what quests benefit the lower level hunters, if you were like me…


With a MacBook comes great complications.  My new 10.2 Mega Pixels Samsung digital camera’s software doesn’t work with it.  April Fools!

Who needs software when you got iPhoto?  I used the Enhance button and Crop feature on this tiger cub at the Honolulu Zoo.

For more information on the new additions click here…

I found out that the 3 cubs were born on my IRL Birthday.  How cool is that?

Now I’m tempted to go back to Stranglethorn Vale and tame one.

These photos were taken with the appreciation for BRK in mind. Good luck with everything and we hope to hear from you soon.

One of Honolulu Zoo's Finest Additions

One of Honolulu Zoo's Finest Additions

One of Honolulu Zoo's Finest Additions

‘Til next time…

! Guntitan

Hey everyone,

I was in the market for a laptop for a few months now and after much deliberating:

My requirements were Bluetooth, illuminated keyboard, 4 GB ram, etc.

I got my new toy!  


MacBook Boxes

Out of the shipping box still inside the box.

MacBook out of box with WoW running

New MacBook running World of Warcraft


With a 256 MB video card this machine is made to play World of Warcraft.  Playing on my desktop I never knew that the game could look so beautiful and have a rich environment that paid attention to detail.  Running the game for the first time on this Mac was just amazing.


I had my first run through of the game on this MacBook and can say that I had a very difficult time killing horde with no mouse, right click or Num Lock.  The Horde had it easy killing me.  I need to read the Key Bindings or get a mouse!


MacBook 13.3″ | 2.4 GHz

  • Processor 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
  • Memory 4GB 1066MHz DDR3 SDRAM – 2x2GB
  • Hard Drive 250GB Serial ATA @ 5400 rpm
  • Optical Drive SD 8x (DVD+R DL/DVD+RW/CD-RW)


Killing Murlocs




‘Til next time…

! Guntitan

New banner.



Nice yeah? This is what happens when you have 3 friends that majored in Art. At least one of them can have the time to draw for you. Keep in mind that this banner is still in Beta. Any comments on how to improve would be appreciated.

! Guntitan

Thank God for David Xie!


I couldn’t figure out for the life of me on how to capture a screen shot of a drop down menu on Word 2007 or Excel 2007 using a MacBook running Vista or using the Snipping Tool.  I needed the screen shots for a tutorial that I’m writing up for work.  I got everything else except for the parts where you need to access a drop down menu.  Fn+shift+F11.  Thank God for David Xie!

Windows functions and special keys in MacBook / MacBook Pro / Apple Keyboard