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That’s right Karoma ate Skoll.  I was on my way to CoC(Crucible of Carnage), which btw gives good experience points for pets, to help my guildies when… I found Karoma.  What karma?

_NPCscan and Silverdragon went off and I dismounted.  That’s when Karoma one shot Skoll.  I couldn’t believe it.  I thought this must  be sign.  Karoma wants me to tame him and be my new spirit beast and DPS pet.  He was red and aggressive to me on my Beast Tracking and crazy huge compared to Skoll.  Before I could tame him I had to back off a little, Feign Death, Revive Pet, Dismiss Pet, then drop the Freezing Trap, and cast Tame Pet.  I was epic fast.

Then I specced him like so…

Karoma Spec (DPS, PVE)

The spec allows your pet to get to next add after the first one dies lightning fast or get to the boss when they jump or run far away.  The spec and logic behind it is awesome sauce and I take no credit.  Thank you Frostheim.  Karoma also moves so fast that he gets to the next boss before I can manually switch targets.  How amazing is that?

Skoll used to be my DPS 5-man heroics pet and I do believe this soloing spec helps the healers with healing my pet and myself.  This spec with Spirit Mend also allowed my pet to tank 3 mobs with Growl turned on, in a heroic after the tank and 2 dps died with the healer still up.

Skoll Spec (Solo, Pet Tank)

So why did Blizzard add more spirit beasts?  ‘Cause they are more leet than most non-BM hunters think.  It is time to re-spec you MM and SV hunters and tame one.

‘Til next time…

! Guntitan

Jadefang x3

That screen shot is my third find for Jadefang.  I was trying to show my guild mate how to get up there and Jadefang was up.  He was only level 82 so he killed it for the Tiny Shale Spider.

I tamed him my first time I found him.  Then logged out another day, just for fun, at the spot.  That night or sometime the next morning, I had a dream that I was moving Guntitan through the Crumbling Depths.  Then I saw Jadefang up on my map with Beast tracking in his spot.  In the dream I was trying to race to the spot and get up there.  I’m not sure I made it up there.

The next morning I forced myself up to log on and check.  _NPCscan and SilverDragon went off.  He was there, strangely waiting for me, just offering himself up to my Gun and blade so I can take his baby.  So wait maybe Jadefang is her?

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! Guntitan

Big Pet?

Before I came to Stormwind, I found Sambas right after I cleared my cache, logged back on, and flew a little bit.

There used to be called a Hunter spell called Eyes of the Beast.

Dash is borked! Engineering enchants stack!

Dash is broken.  Don’t spec into it.  The spell disappears from your pet’s spell book on its own.

Engineering enchants stack and armory doesn’t work so I can’t show you out of the game.  Log onto Dalvengyr and I’ll show you.  I hope this change stays because Jewelcrafter’s still get kick ass gems in Blacksmith slots.  Enchanters get all the enchants plus the ones to their rings.  Its only fair that everything would start to stack.  I really hope it stays.  Engineering deserves it.

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! Guntitan

Beta is not canon. Everything pet related online is wrong.

Go into the game and start taming. Currently all of the sites I go to learn about Pets are wrong. Exotics have 2 abilities and a lot of them aren’t listed. More later…


My world server for Northend is down.  So I can’t do this myself atm.  Hopefully tomorrow I’ll get to do it.

I camped pretty much all day and when I went back for the end of the night.

I flew in to the area above Brunnhildar Village.  Saw him standing there.  Dismounted.  Dismissed pet. Dropped the Freezing Trap.  Forgot where tame pet was on my action bar.  Found it.  Then started to tame.  Yelled for my wife to come see.  Tamed him.  Hugged her.  Told her a bunch of stuff she didn’t understand.  It was around 2 am server time.  Then I started shaking.  Told my wife that, “This is the rarest pet in the game.”  She still didn’t understand.  I started to calm down a little.  People in the area started to come by.  I called 2 of my friends that play WoW.  I hearthed back to Dalaran after I fed him.

I can’t believe it.  My first spirit beast.  I can’t believe I actually was shaking.  Thanks Blizzard.  Only you could create such a emotional response from a game.  I also found Vyragosa in the same spot earlier and killed it.

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! Guntitan


I didn’t have the heart to change his name.  I left it Skoll.

Here are more screen shots:


Cataclysm Pets


I know we haven’t heard any news about which pet families we will be able to choose from in the next expansion but I have some speculations.  I also decided to watch the Cataclysm trailer again to see if I missed anything.  You can see some frogs and crabs in the background when the goblins are fighting the humans.  Then there’s a PET-SIZED-TAMEABLE-LOOKING brown monkey walking behind the big camp fire.  You can see the monkey between the fire and the tent. Then there is a black run running behind this monkey in the background.  The brown monkey stops next to the pink dude.


I hope we get to tame at least this monkey.  It is so cute and cuddly.  I could name him KungFu after my MySpace pet.


The last beast we see is a thunder lizard behind the Human Hunter.  I hope we hear some news soon.

Here is my wish list:

  1. Frogs with sticky tongue move like death grip that pulls and holds target for 4 sec and does [rank] nature damage over 10 sec.
  2. More crabs cause they are awesome.
  3. Monkeys with a pickpocketing ability.
  4. Thunderlizards
  5. Mammoths
  6. All pets with 2 special abilities.
  7. 1 item slot for our pets would be nice too.

For more ideas go over to Mania’s post and read the comments.

‘Til next time…

! Guntitan