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BRK has Brain… I’m stuck with him…  =/

?/ Insomnia >> …

! Guntitan >> Why am I still up?

?/ Insomnia >> Work tomorrow, make tests, tutor, come home, mail out taxes, download 714 MB patch, listen to wife…

! Guntitan >> Damn. I got a lot of things to do tomorrow. Why doesn’t the MacBook safe my download progress?

?/ Insomnia >>  I don’t know.  BTW, You got 2 computers to install a patch on.

! Guntitan >> Wife is going to be pissed.  I hope she doesn’t have to use either computer.

?/ Insomnia >> You are so going to get a Giant’s foot up your ass.

! Guntitan >> I know.  Hey man we need to go to sleep.

?/ >> Who do you think I am?  The sandman.  I can’t go to sleep.

! Guntitan >> Why didn’t I name you something else?

?/ >> Why didn’t you?

! Guntitan >> yawns

?/ >> You can’t go to sleep, yet.  What happened to my name?

! Guntitan >> You are like a pet.  I disabled your name from my interface options.

?/ You don’t have interface options on your blog.

! Guntitan >> I do now.

?/ What the?.. Hey… cut that out… No…

?/ Ha! It didn’t work!  

Group disbanded.

?/ Guntitan?

‘Til next time…

?/ Insomnia


I think yer better get yourself a pint.  Here I rant about what I would like to see in patch 3.1:

What GT thinks should happen.

What GT thinks should happen?

The ammo pouch or quiver should be equipped in the same slot as our paper doll or around our paper doll.  Don’t get rid of the boost in attack speed, don’t normalize ranged attack speed for all the pouches, grabbing a better pouch for a hunter is part of what we do, it is about having the opportunity to min/max their character.  We should even keep the bag aspect of the pouch or quiver, keeping the multiple slots.

Stack ammo x1000, we would love it, sell ammo at x1000 and we would love you more.  No, not that kind of love.

Now here is something I thought be interesting to bring up.  Everyone and their grandmother can dual wield.  We even have warriors who can dual wield 2 Handers.  Why can’t hunters and their grandmothers dual wield?  I know we can dual wield one hand axes, daggers, and swords but…