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I just figured out that these were once the regular dogs that were here.

My brother wanted me to move servers with him so he paid for my server transfers.  Crazy huh?

I redid the bank alt about 4 times on the new server.  I finally settled for the name Skullcoins (she’s a DK).  Used the same white hair color, face, skin color or as close as I could remember.  Originally I was leveling this Death Knight thinking Doubloon is still on Sargeras and I left her behind.

The Death Knight

The Death Knight

Felt guilty about leaving her but it had to be done.  When I finally got to Stormwind, I purchased x8 inexpensive Netherweave Bags and x4 Frostweave Bags.  Purchased the bank slots and equipped the bags.

I purchased the guild charter and luckily got 4 guildless souls to sign my charter, one was Liddy.  I named the new guild bank <The Nightmare Banker>.  Then Purchased the first 3 guild bank slots.  I’ll probably pick up more slots when I start to make more gold.

I started to put back all the mats, BOAs, etc in the bank and newly formed guild bank.  We were putting things on the AH and moving items between toons.  She started to feel like Doubloon.

Then as soon as I moved over my old bank alt gear to her and equipped them.  She transformed back in to Doubloon.  My bank alt is back.  Same skin, different name and a higher level.  The benefits out weighed the costs.  You now have a better bank alt.

The Bank Alt

The Bank Alt


She will cook for you, fish for you, store your goods, organize your bank for you, run to the store for you, etc.  Just like a good house wife. She already comes equipped ready to bandage you with First Aid at level 270 and unlocked recipes.

You can still put Enchanting and Engineering on her.  She will have access to higher profession levels which is especially useful for disenchanting low level mats.


She will wear the finest outfits up to level 60 or greater which equates to more looks. She can still equip the Diamond-Tipped Cane.  She also has access to pink hair if you are a Night Elf.  My brother recommends leveling your bank alt to level 70 so you can have access to more variation of looks with the gear from Outland.


She will have a mini sprint called Death’s Advance.  She will also get free ground riding from being a Death Knight.  The Death Gate to Ebon Hold will get you around Azeroth.  She will have access to a bunch of flight points for access to those secret vendors that sell you those recipes and other items for profit.   She will even ride your flying mount because just one more level and she’ll have flight.

If you level the bank alt higher you will get access to unique but useful traveling abilities.

Level 58
Death’s Advocate – A mini sprint which increases your passive run speed by 10% and when activated will increase your run speed by 30%.

Level 61
On a Pale Horse – An ability that passively increases your mount speed by 20%.

Level 66
Path of Frost – An ability which will allow you and your raid members to walk on water.  This ability is so useful my brother actually won the Stranglethorn fishing tournament on a level 70 Death Knight.  He did get a lot of unpleasant whispers that day.

Please see additional information on the original The Bank Alt Post.  I hope you will take the time to redo your bank alts.  It was the most unpleasant experience of my life but worth it.  It was like pulling String of Alligator Teeth out of the Bag of Shiny Things from Dalaran’s fishing daily .

‘Til next time…

! Guntitan



It took me a while to figure out this transmog.  2 years in the making haha.  That Shado-Pan helmet looks so awesome.  I never thought I would use it on my Warrior.  My Hunter main has been Guntitan for so long.  I love Guntitan’s transmog and had no intentions of changing it to match the look of this helm.  I originally had no interest in making a Transmog set revolving around the Helmet for my Warrior.  It wasn’t until I found the Vicious Pyrium set that I decided it was time.

First I had to get the Replica Shado-Pan Helmet.  I still need gold for the Jeweled Onyx Panther, Depleted-Kyparium Rocket, and the Geosynchronous World Spinner so I figured might as well do the dailies.  You need to be Exalted with the Shado-Pan before you can purchase the helm.

I crafted the Black Smithing set.  You will need to 74 Elementium Bars and 60 Volatile Fire.  If you need to buy the recipes you will need around 80 Elementium Bars, 15 Pyrium Bars and 16 Volatile Earth.  You could purchase each piece for 1,000 G each.  I have a blacksmith, might as well get the recipes and have the option to sell them.  Long story short, I farmed for the mats and crafted the set.

To farm for Blade of Hanna I was running MC, BWL, and AQ 20/40.  It matches well with the set and has a brown hilt and dark metal blade. It never dropped so I looked for an alternative.

I settled for an easy to obtain quest item called Emil’s Brand, this blade has a light red hilt and a silver blade.  Enchanted it looks like a blue light saber.  The quest chain is in Ashenvale and starts with Reclaiming Felfire Hill.  You obtain the blade from completing the last quest in the chain Insane Druids.


Replica Shado-Pan Helmet – Exalted with the Shado-Pan

Vicious Pyrium Shoulders – Crafted – there is an alternative from dugeon drops.

Vicious Pyrium Breastplate – Crafted – there is an alternative from dugeon drops.

Vicious Pyrium Legguards – Crafted – there is an alternative from dugeon drops.

Vicious Pyrium Gauntlets – Crafted – there is an alternative from dugeon drops.

Vicious Pyrium Belt – Crafted – there is an alternative from dugeon drops.

Vicious Pyrium Boots – Crafted – there is an alternative from dugeon drops.

Emil’s Brand(Quest) or Blade of Hanna(Vanilla Raid – Trash Drop)

Cape (Optional)
Any red cape. I usually turn my cape display off. Capes don’t match Warriors. I don’t recall seeing any Shado-Pan with capes.

Red Workman’s Shirt – Even without the chest piece on, the shirt matches well with this set. The overalls give it the gear held together by straps appearance.




Complete the achievement for the title “Shado-Master.”

‘Til next time…

! Guntitan

(I don’t feel like dropping my warrior’s name. It was a collaborative effort between Guntitan who originally got exalted with the Shado-Pan, my DK Empyreal who helped me farm the mats, and my rogue Gearsedge who purchased the recipes and crafted the set)