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Hello everyone,

This is my first blog post regarding anything related to Windows.  I think it is.

Microsoft released an update back in 2016 regarding adding a background image to the Login Screen. My wishes were fulfilled (I actually submitted feed back requesting this feature when Windows 10 first came out).  I am not entirely sure when I noticed when it got implemented.

Google Images

Use Google Images to find your wallpapers. is not updated to the modern screen resolutions. Search by your preferred resolution and the words “anime wallpaper.”  Like this… “1920×1080 anime wallpaper”

File Manager

Save your preferred set of wallpapers in a New folder.  I picked a name that would be the name of my Theme. You can always rename it later. You could always back up the images you collect to Google drive and use it on multiple computers.

To easily save the image in the right screen resolution. After you conduct your search click the image you want.  Then Right click the image as seen above.  Then click Save Image as… you don’t need to rename it.


Choose your Background to be Slideshow.  Trust me.  Having it change is way cooler.  Plus if your second monitor is an extension of your primary monitor you will be able to have 2 different wallpapers on each screen.  Pick the folder you saved all your images in and Remove any other folders from the list “Chose albums for your slideshow.”  Don’t delete your Pictures folder in File Manager.

You can adjust the rate the images change.  I have mine at 30 minutes.  You want Shuffle to be on.

For Choose a fit I picked Center.  My second monitor is actually a TV with a lower resolution than my primary monitor. If I had lower resolution wallpapers to match my second monitor’s resolution the primary monitor wallpaper would look pixelated. At Center you preserve the integrity of the image without sacrificing image quality.  Edit: Fit is much better for screens with different aspect ratios and lower resolutions.  I would change it to Fit instead of Center. Either way it looks good.

You also have the option to change your background color.  It won’t matter if your wallpaper resolutions are the matching resolution of your screen.  It is set at Black for this theme.


For Colors you may automatically pick an accent color.  I don’t recommend this and would rather have a set color.  For this I choose Default Blue.  Transparency effects are On.  I disabled showing the accent color on the Start, taskbar, action center and Title bars.  Default app mode is set to Dark.

Lock screen

For some reason slideshow still uses Picture as your Lock screen.  Pick a picture from a part of your slide show as the Background. Then pick a folder for your slideshow.  You need to make sure to set up both.  Same as Background. If you have multiple folders here it will display all of them so Remove any additional folders.


For Taskbar settings, you could leave everything alone.  I do disable the Taskbar on Multiple displays.  I use my second monitor to stream shows from Netflix, VRV, Directvnow, etc. Having the taskbar on the second monitor is a minor annoyance. Also the primary monitor is lower than the secondary. It’s like up like a ZTE Axon M.

Custom Profile Icon

Click on Windows “Start Button.” Go to your Username. Right click it.  Click Change Account Settings.  Create your picture. Choose Browse for one. I used a picture from the collection I found on Google Images that matches well with my theme.

Once you are done. Go to Themes.


Save and name your Theme. You could go one step further and change your mouse and how it looks.

Below is the Zip file containing the collection of Wallpapers I discovered and are currently using for this theme:

Enjoy your new theme with a custom Lockscreen, Login screen, Backgrounds and a custom profile Icon that matches your Login screen.

Here is a Bonus Image I forgot to include in the Zip file.  I can’t use it at work but my theme on the work computer is the same setup.

’til next time…

! Guntitan


You can also save your themes.

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