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Skoll was my first Spirit Beast I ever tamed.  It wasn’t Loque’nahak or the bear or the tiger.  It was the wolf.  If you ever played a dwarf you know wolves are one the first beasts you can tame.  The most legendary being Timber, he is only level 5 now, but in the past he was a hard kill, especially with his body guards.


I swore. I sometimes miss that dead old server, Dalvengyr. Then I was browsing some old screen shots and I found these…

ScreenShot_122809_005648 ScreenShot_123009_103650 ScreenShot_122509_150846 They were from December 2009 during the WotLK expansion.  That bow and staff would match so well with my current transmog.  Which leads me to our most recent selfie together. WoWScrnShot_070814_193212

We were both admiring our recently planted trees. Since MoP came out and BM was actually good again, I took Skoll out and we rocked up the Hozen, Yungol, some Pandaren, some rogue Jinyu, and a few others.  He has been almost a constant companion since the expansion released.  I also created a transmog set reflecting his blue and white hues. I can’t wait to explore Draenor with this loyal pet.  That self heal and Mastery buff will help me so much.  Now what was that name of that bow again? I am pretty sure it was from Pit of Saron.

‘Til next time…

! Guntitan