QuestHelper 0.104


I know what ye be thinking.


Why a blog post about QuestHelper 0.104?  Didn’t they update it already?

The Reason is because of this:

Quest Helper Arrow


At the bottom right corner of the pic is the…

QuestHelper Arrow!!!

I was like WTF. I don’t have TomTom on my MacBook.

I right clicked it and found out that it wasn’t TomTom.

The arrow automatically turns on in 0.105.  That is why I didn’t notice it until after the update.

Isn’t that great?  One less addon to worry about.

Thank you to the authors of QuestHelper.

! Guntitan

Hunter Glyphs 101 – Basics

Updated for Patch 3.1


Glyph Slots

You get glyph slots based off of your level. Blizzard explains this on their website. No mystery here.  I added in the picture so you wouldn’t have to go their website.  Currently at level 73 I have 2 major glyph slots and 3 minor glyph slots.


Where do you get them?

You can buy glyphs from the Auction House or have your guild’s Scribe make one.  

How do I inscribe them on my sheet?

You no longer need to be near a Lexicon of Power to inscribe a glyph on your glyph sheet.  It works like any type of usable item.  Just open your glyph sheet, right click your glyph and inscribe.

How do I choose which glyph to get?

Choose glyphs based off of your play style.  If you play different than me you’ll want different glyphs.  For example, if you use Serpent Sting often.  You might want the Glyph of Serpent Sting.

Why do you want glyphs?

They give you bonuses you otherwise wouldn’t have.  E’nuff said.

Don’t play like me.

Pawned by the Opera Mini browser

Original Post
Can’t view Wowhead or the World of Warcraft Armory on your mobile phone? Now you can with Opera Mini. I’m testing it out and blogging with it right now. More details later. I might miss my stop.

UPDATE: 4/20/09 5:33 PM
I added in the links for Wowhead  and the armory above from my laptop.  Everything else below too.

A few months ago I went over $20 on my bill because of internet usage.  I didn’t want to pay that much again so I got unlimited internet on my phone for $15 more a month.

Since then I read most of the blogs and WoW news on my phone.  I got sick and tired of not being able to view the Armory or Wowhead on my phone.  So I went on a quest.  Google did not give me any answers.  I ended browsing the Sony Ericsson website on my phone and decided to download another browser.  Thankfully I did.

Opera Mini – Official Link

My phone is a Sony Ericsson W580i.  The default browser can’t view Wowhead or the armory.  It says the page is too large to load.  With the Opera Mini browser you can view both pages and more.

The Wowhead database, blog, and forum are

Your character sheet on the armory is available but the Upgrade option is not.  The pictures for each piece of gear isn’t available on the armory, either.  It is nice that you can view your Statistics and Achievements.

It’s a phone, not a laptop.  No cut and paste.  No multiple tabs.  You can start a post, gather ideas, and save it as a draft.  You can even edit html. It would be easier at home to add in links and images.

Visual Evidence
Screenshots and maybe a video later.

‘Til next time…

! Guntitan

BRK has Brain… I’m stuck with him…  =/

?/ Insomnia >> …

! Guntitan >> Why am I still up?

?/ Insomnia >> Work tomorrow, make tests, tutor, come home, mail out taxes, download 714 MB patch, listen to wife…

! Guntitan >> Damn. I got a lot of things to do tomorrow. Why doesn’t the MacBook safe my download progress?

?/ Insomnia >>  I don’t know.  BTW, You got 2 computers to install a patch on.

! Guntitan >> Wife is going to be pissed.  I hope she doesn’t have to use either computer.

?/ Insomnia >> You are so going to get a Giant’s foot up your ass.

! Guntitan >> I know.  Hey man we need to go to sleep.

?/ >> Who do you think I am?  The sandman.  I can’t go to sleep.

! Guntitan >> Why didn’t I name you something else?

?/ >> Why didn’t you?

! Guntitan >> yawns

?/ >> You can’t go to sleep, yet.  What happened to my name?

! Guntitan >> You are like a pet.  I disabled your name from my interface options.

?/ You don’t have interface options on your blog.

! Guntitan >> I do now.

?/ What the?.. Hey… cut that out… No…

?/ Ha! It didn’t work!  

Group disbanded.

?/ Guntitan?

‘Til next time…

?/ Insomnia

I just logged into WordPress and look at what I caught.  10 views today no… 2,500 Total Views.

2,500 hits

2,500 hits

I would like to thank Eresin and Davlin for discovering my blog, Mania for gathering all the pet information, Pike for all the role playing stories, Twisted Nether and Lassirra for listing me, and BRK for the inspiration to start this blog.  If there is anyone I missed please let me know.  Don’t worry I won’t be like Phineas and Ferb during their one hit wonder episode.

Davlin kind of asked in a totally unrelated email why I started this blog?

I figured it would be appropriate for the you to know when I hit a nice milestone in hits.

Let me list a few hunter skills that higher level hunter’s talk about that I never knew about when I was just a wee pellet shooting Hunter.

  1. Aimed Shot – you can pick it up at level 20 if you are a Marksman hunter.
  2. Steady Shot – a level 50 shot.
  3. Kill Command – a level 66 you could say buff to your pet’s attack power.
  4. Kill Shot – a level 70 shot

If you ever asked yourself,  “What’s a shot rotation?”  LoL.  Sometimes I still forget.

At one point in time you didn’t know how to shoot or fill your paper doll or where to buy ammo.  When famous bloggers like BRK talked about Kill Shot and think, “What is he talking about?”

If you ever felt like you didn’t know how to kill things as a new Hunter.  If you ever felt like leveling from level 30 to 40 was the hardest thing you ever did.  If words or phrases like aggro and “burn things down” made you feel lost.

At the time you didn’t find any guides or blogs that talked about what you should be doing at this level, how to fight, where to get pet skills (before patch 3.0.2), what armor should you be using, where should you be questing, when you should be changing out your pouches or quivers, what quests benefit the lower level hunters, if you were like me…


Frustrated installing World of Warcraft?


I wish I browsed World of Warcraft’s website more thoroughly.  I spent hours installing WoW with my installation disks and downloading the updates on my new MacBook.  I wish I found this earlier:

You will download all of the World of Warcraft clients with all the updates in one crack then install WoW in one crack.  You don’t need to use your old disks to install the game.  Good to use during your yearly reinstall of Windows Vista or Mac OS X.  Also, good when you buy a new computer.

 Now you know.

‘Til next time…

! Guntitan

Funny Screenshot


On the MacBook option+Z gets rid of the interface.  Alt+Z on Windows.

With a MacBook comes great complications.  My new 10.2 Mega Pixels Samsung digital camera’s software doesn’t work with it.  April Fools!

Who needs software when you got iPhoto?  I used the Enhance button and Crop feature on this tiger cub at the Honolulu Zoo.

For more information on the new additions click here…

I found out that the 3 cubs were born on my IRL Birthday.  How cool is that?

Now I’m tempted to go back to Stranglethorn Vale and tame one.

These photos were taken with the appreciation for BRK in mind. Good luck with everything and we hope to hear from you soon.

One of Honolulu Zoo's Finest Additions

One of Honolulu Zoo's Finest Additions

One of Honolulu Zoo's Finest Additions

‘Til next time…

! Guntitan


I think yer better get yourself a pint.  Here I rant about what I would like to see in patch 3.1:

What GT thinks should happen.

What GT thinks should happen?

The ammo pouch or quiver should be equipped in the same slot as our paper doll or around our paper doll.  Don’t get rid of the boost in attack speed, don’t normalize ranged attack speed for all the pouches, grabbing a better pouch for a hunter is part of what we do, it is about having the opportunity to min/max their character.  We should even keep the bag aspect of the pouch or quiver, keeping the multiple slots.

Stack ammo x1000, we would love it, sell ammo at x1000 and we would love you more.  No, not that kind of love.

Now here is something I thought be interesting to bring up.  Everyone and their grandmother can dual wield.  We even have warriors who can dual wield 2 Handers.  Why can’t hunters and their grandmothers dual wield?  I know we can dual wield one hand axes, daggers, and swords but…