I am joining the band wagon.

If you haven’t heard Lae at World of Lae is starting weeks of class discussion across the blogosphere, twittersphere, etc.

This Deathknight is the first Deathknight I ever got past level 70.

I got her to level 67 by the end of Cata. Then I dusted her off a few months ago and really started to level.

Why did I pick the professions?

I originally wanted to make her a BS/JC to min/max during Cata. I ended up leveling a Rogue first in Mop and putting ENG/BS on that toon. I figured pairing JC with mining because I was going to need ores to level JC.  It feels natural to have a toon that can do both Prospecting and Smelting.  It also seems weird not having those next to each other on my crafting bar.

I went JC for them mounts. I am trying get 200 mounts achievement. That’s one of the things I like to do in this game.

You also get Toughness from Mining and the Jewelcrafting only gems, Solid Serpent’s Eye and Fractured Serpent’s Eye.

Why a female Night Elf?

I like it when female night elves jump in place. Everything bounces. I mean Everything.

Pink Hair. Omg Pink Hair. So sexy.  The pink hair matches so well with the Blood Worms.

Now look at them Racials.

Nature Resistance - Reduces nature damage by 1%.

Quickness – Now gives you a 2% increased chance to Dodge. I still thought it only gave 1%.  I forgot it changed during MoP.

Shadowmeld - It’s like having a Hunter’s Feign Death. You wipe aggro but you turn invisible.  Especially usually for a tank during a situation when you know everyone else is going to die. Especially if the healer is already down.

Wisp Spirit - Increases your speed by 75% while dead.  As tank it would be so helpful for running back.  If you die in certain places like Icecrown you can fly as a wisp.  So awesome.

About the Deathknight class

I am debating if I should go for Shadowmourne.

I discovered that tanking ain’t easy. It’s a self conscious effort most of the time. I also wanted a tank so I could get pets and mounts out of the bags from heroics.

I like the Dots placed by diseases. I like how it holds aggro when you spread them with Blood Boil. I feel like Blood spec will be like the same affinity I have for BM Hunters.

I like Death Grip. Feeling like Scorpion is such a good feelng. Even that new one, Asphyxiate, makes you feel like Darthvader.

I like that DKs have Runeforging and don’t need enchants on their weapons. Enchants are so expensive. I like that the Runeforges are unique.

As a blood DK I feel invincible. I can’t wait until I try arenas or PVP.

I would gank lowbies with my DK.

I like the unique mount models Archerus Deathcharger and Winged Steed of the Ebon Blade.

DKs walk on water with Path of Frost and this toon will be a fisherman.  The ability may also help you win the fishing contest.

I always wanted Platekini transmog sets.

I wish the lore would continue. Its like everything stopped in Northend. What are the Knights of the Ebon Blade doing right now? I could imagine them having epics battles in Icecrown against the remaining Scourge. They must really be trying for the Super Simian Sphere. They must have a bank alts bank filled with Frostweave Cloth.

That’s my take on #DeathKnightWeek.

‘Til next time…

! Guntitan


I’ve been watching Doctor Who on Netflix from the beginning.  It is very interesting.

pinknightelf pinknightelfback

Female Night Elf Death Knights are the only Night elves that can have pink hair.  It’s been known since WotLK days.  I found out during Cata and only really dug her out during this expansion.  I want to get her to level 90 before Hallow’s End for another chance at the mount, helm, and sword.  The quickest way to level 90 was to make her a Blood Death Knight, a tank.

As a hunter, tanking is always someone else’s job.  You don’t have to do anything but maybe occasionally use a Misdirect and even less than before watch your aggro.  It’s like my son.  He just recently turned 1 years old on July 1st.  He only knows his pee pee is there when his diaper is off. He likes to touch it, knowing it’s there but doesn’t quite understand what it is for and on occasion he pees with it.  As a hunter, tanks were always something that was there but I never really understood their purpose.

I know they prevent us, the group, from dying.   When I solo my pet acts like a tank, using abilities to pull aggro to himself and away from me so I can DPS the add from afar.  Happily never dying.  My pet does everything automatically.  I never have to be conscious of the unconscious effort of my pet’s job.

When I started my Death Knight during Cata, I looked up resources like Ask Mr. Robot or Noxxic or Icy-Veins  regarding rotations, talents, glyphs, stat priorities, etc.  Did it again recently during MoP.

It didn’t matter how much I read.  None of it still didn’t make any sense.  Especially since most of it is for level 90s. It wasn’t until I selected the role of tank and queued, that I finally got it.

You know all that text book bull shit you got scolded for as a new hunter?  Remember when they all called you a Huntard?  BTW, Huntard is a very offensive term.

As tank, you scold the DPS for targeting the wrong add or starting to DPS too soon, you let the group know when you are planning to skip a group of adds, or you get into arguments with the healer who doesn’t know how to put you on follow and cause the whole group to wipe on regular Utgarde Keep.

Before you pull the next group you have to be conscious of every health bar, every mana bar, every energy bar, every focus bar, and every chi bar.  Do monks even use Chi? I don’t remember.  If you aren’t conscious your healer will not have enough mana to heal or your DPS won’t have enough of whatever to kill stuff.  It could lead to a wipe.  As a hunter, we are like fuck it, I’ll just Cobra Shot my Focus back up.

Your abilities are not automatic. You manually apply your diseases, use your threat generating skills to hold a group of adds, you use your abilities to pull adds off a rogue DPS.  Again, nothing is automatic.

You have to consider the timing of your abilities. You watch your cool downs not because it’s going to give you amazing DPS, but that your next Death Grip will pull that add back to you that is running towards the healer. If you don’t the group will wipe.

As a Hunter, you are responsible for killing stuff and keeping you and your pet alive so you can DPS.  As a tank, you are responsible for keeping everyone else alive so you can get them loots and level.  4 other people are entirely dependent on your performance. You are no longer a solo creature or a part of a duo.  You are part of a group.

‘Til next time…

! Guntitan


Now try this 10 times fast.  Female Blood Night Elf Death Knight. I bet you will say Blood Elf by accident.

Hey Everyone,

I wonder if anyone still reads this blog?  Anyway here is a quick post I made a few months after I became a dad.  It was sitting in my recent drafts since October 2012.  I did fix it up some.

Here is a short list of what I was able to do when my son was a newborn and some of the things I get to do now, next month he will be 1 years old.  Being a dad, working full time, and taking care of my son have deeply cut in to my World of Warcraft time, but playing WoW does not beat hearing my son laugh and watching him learn new things like kissing girls romantically, crawling or learning to stand while holding on to something. I do wish the reputation grinds were a little faster.

I do 5 mans when baby and mommy are sleeping. The new 5 mans take about 30 mins to complete and also give reputation with a faction you choose. You will need a good chunk of uninterrupted time to complete them.Weekday nights after I bathe baby and eat dinner. My cut off time is usually 8:30 pm but some nights I stay up later and get 6 hours of sleep. Remember sometimes your wife will want you to wake up at 2 am and change a diaper or help baby go back to sleep.

Questing and farming when they are awake. That way you can be interrupted without leaving stranded four other players. More importantly you don’t leave your baby’s mom stranded when she calls for help. I usually do this on the weekends.

Auctioneering you can do pretty much in between feedings. Doesn’t take too much time.

When baby naps. Take turns with your baby’s mother.  Let mom do something fun while you watch baby, especially if you are the type of parents that don’t want to leave baby alone. It’s your turn to rest, or watch Netflix on your phone, or read digital comics, or read books, you know all that quiet stuff you can do in front of a sleeping baby.

At 90 there is a lot of stuff to do. I recommend leveling alts to 89 if you want them holiday mounts.

If you are having trouble keeping up to date with gearing methods here are a couple of guides that I use:

WoW Insider’s Guide to gearing up alts in MoP

Blizzard’s take on Catching up to 5.3 and 5.3 Escalation Round-up

Reputation grinds are still slow for a guy like me who does not get to play much.  Even Ghostcrawler mentioned that MoP was an expansion not meant for alts.  I do recommend sticking to one character(your main) for gearing and experiencing new content. For alts I recommend only leveling reputations that are needed for professions.  Patch 5.3 does introduce a new title that will only be available for a short time.  The title only gets unlocked on that toon so if you want them on your alts please do so.

While I still do enjoy the game, and value all the friendships and relations this WoW community has provided me, I have learned that priorities have shifted and somethings can be put off for a little while… except them holiday mounts.

‘Til next time…

! Guntitan


I came home one day and my brother shows me his new iPod nano. I was totally focused on doing dailies or something and didn’t pay much attention.  The next day I was like, “wait Corey how did you get that?”  He said, “There’s a defect in the battery and it explodes.  Apple is switching them out for free.”  I was like what?  Then he remembers, “Don’t you have a iPod nano first generation?”  I was like, “I do.”

Searched thru my bag and pulled it out.  My first iPod ever with a black face and silver back.  My only iPod, unless you count an iPhone.  It was the first flash drive nano with a color LCD screen.  I remember it being small.  I remembered what I engraved it with, which is too embarrassing to tell.  I charged it up for the first time in years.  I knew I had to back it up but was no longer sure what was inside.

I recovered some old work stuff, I looked at all the songs (there were a ton of them), then I discovered some pictures.

The pictures were from my first trip to California back in June 2006.  It was first trip ever to Disneyland and I put those pictures there so I would be encouraged to go again. We did. 2 more times after that.

The nano was so innovative when it came out. I remember browsing the web in my friends Chemistry lab at UH Manoa.  I remember telling my friend Jhonsen about the nano.  Minutes later I applied for the credit card thru Apple. I got approved.  I ordered it.

Jhonsen was like, “What? You ordered it?  You got approved for your first credit card.”  I was like, “Yeah.”

I remember when it came in the mail and how neat the packaging was and how it came with earbuds.  I was so happy.  It became my study companion during college, my public transportation commute companion when I worked 2 jobs and traveled 4 hours a day, the fricken Nano moved out of my mom’s house with me.  I got married and brought it with me to my honey moon.  Didn’t have much time to use it though, “cough!”

Then sometime after that, I kept it tucked away in my bag or somewhere near my desktop.  It collected dusk.  Right before I moved out of my apartment this past year, I remember dusting it off and removing the case.  I tucked it in my computer bag and sat in there until about a week ago.

That’s when the memories flooded in…

Thank you Apple you really do care,

Bryan Shon


BTW there are no 4 GB iPod nano’s anymore. I got a capacity upgrade for free.  The one pictured above is 8 GB.

I also geeked out and ordered a Lunatik Lynk watch band.  These are 50% off from what they used to be priced.  Go check it out.

You do?

Well here are some secret mystical items that will get your mage up to par with Jaina herself.

During the Cataclysm my world shattered when I created my mage with a Scroll of Resurrection. I did it so I could play with my Horde playing coworkers from my old job. I have recently discovered some of these mystical items and figured I should share these secrets thru my blog.

Here is the list:


  • Turtle – Fished from the fishing pools in the Cataclysm Zones. It’s BOE so you buy it off the AH if you are lazy or already have the Sea Turtle mount. Prices vary by abundance.
  • PigThe Amazing Zanzo a rare NPC  who travels around Dalaran can teach you this spell. Now just where did he go?
  • Rabbit - During Noblegarden you can purchase this tome from the chocolate vendors for 100 Noblegarden Chocolate.  ”That’s candy gone to waste,” says Guntitan.  That’s coming from the guy who sleeps with his pets in a crowded stable.
  • Black Cat - You would think somewhere somehow this would come from the Hallow’s End world event. It doesn’t.  You can buy it from Endora Moorehead in Dalaran. Her shop is called Sisters Sorcerous.


Teleports and Portals

Ancient Tome of Teleport – Dalaran - This ports you to the old location of Dalaran in Hillsbrad.  You want  it?  What are you waiting for?  Head to Scarlet Halls. What you can’t solo that on heroic?  Run back out and set it to normal.  Now go one shot everything.  Kill the last boss, loot everything off the boss, yes his Underwear too, then loot the tome off the bookshelf on the right side of the room. Keep in mind that the Teleport is only learnable at level 90.  After you learn the spell you will then be able to purchase Ancient Tome of Portal – Dalaran from Endora Moorehead in Dalaran.  Yes a Portal to the same location in Hillsbrad. Now go trick some noobs after they tip you and accidentally enter the wrong portal.


Tome of Dalaran Brilliance is also purchasable from Endora Moorehead in Dalaran. Requires level 80 to learn and teaches you Dalaran Brilliance which gives you the same buff as Arcane Brilliance.  The spell effect is a Kirin Tor Eye above your head.

Battle Pet

Kirin Tor Familiar – Obtained from finishing the achievement Higher Learning. This takes some time. I haven’t even done it and it’s been around since Wrath of the Lich King.

That’s it.  I hope you learned something about mages and their secret mystical items.

“Til next time…

>_< Frostweave!



My rogue hit level 85 the other night and she wasn’t at the right item level to que up for the Mist of Pandaria dungeons. Sound familiar?

It was time go get them BOEs. Some of the ones I obtained at level 80 were still on my toon. I really didn’t replace gear until I hit level 84 and started to quest in Twilight Highlands.

The quest rewards from Twilight Highlands are no where near the item level required to play in the Mists.

The BOE armor was too expensive on the AH(200+G). I logged on to my leather working Druid and looked at what I could craft, which was almost every slot.  My Druid did have a ton of mats so I crafted a Misthide set and a Cloak of the Mists.

The Cloak stats are random so I actually don’t recommend crafting it. They do sell well on the AH, if you don’t mind farming the mats and taking a gamble. I crafted about 9 of them until I got the one I could use.

I was still short 1 point so I ended up buying a BOE necklace, Shadowfire Necklace of the Galeburst. Then headed through the mists. When I did que up the quest rewards from Jade Temple replaced my legs and bracers. I made the gear to que, don’t expect the gear to last you long.

‘Til next time…

! Guntitan

A list of quality of life improvements for your engineer. These are the items I miss when I am on my non-engineering toons.

Ghost Iron Dragonling
BOE trinket that has 3 cogwheel slots. Must have trinket for leveling level 87 alt.

Portable mail box good for farming engineers. Farm mats, then when bags get full mail it to alt.

Vendor, repairs, and a bank

Scrapbot Construction Kit
Summon when Jeeves is on cool down. Sell vendor greys and armor repair.

Gnomish Army Knife
See post

For traveling convenience.

Dimensional Ripper – Everlook (Goblin Engineering)
Ultrasafe Transporter – Gadgetzan (Gnomish Engineering)

Dimensional Ripper – Area 52 (Goblin Engineering)
Ultrasafe Transporter – Toshley’s Station (Gnomish Engineering)

Wormhole Generator: Northrend

Wormhole Generator: Pandaria

The first 2 person mount. Good for Battlegrounds and questing in Pandaria.

Mekgineer’s Chopper


Mist-Piercing Goggles
Good for the herbalist and miner for them extra minerals and herbs.

Electrostatic Condenser
For the mining, skinning, or herbalist engineer. This item allows you to collect extra Volatile Air while farming.

Zapthrottle Mote Extractor
The gas cloud sucker for them Outland and Northend Gas Clouds that produce extra mats for extra gold or crafting.

Thermal Anvil
The perfect item for the Blacksmiths, Engineers, and Miners. It basically lets you craft and smelt anywhere. There is no level requirement so anyone can use it. Especially good for your low level alts while you are leveling their professions.

Let’s you loot from a distance. A good time saver, you don’t have to run up to the corpse to loot. Especially useful for range dps or packs of mobs. Loot and mount then move on.

Blingtron 4000
You don’t really need to have this item as a Engineer. In fact, he is a little useless because the drop rate for the good stuff is so low. I do recommend seeking him out, don’t go out of your way, just check Stormwind or that City in Pandaria depending on your level, and do the daily.

The Blingtron 4000 Quest Package has a chance to drop a Fire Spirit that increases your skill of your primary professions by 4 points. Over the corse of leveling to 85, my rogue I got 8 free skill points in Blacksmithing and Engineering.

Well this should complete the list. Good luck farming the mats to craft these useful items.

‘Til next time…

! Guntitan


While leveling my rogue I instinctively placed a Gnomish Army Knife in her bag. At the time I was going to make her a herbalist/alchemist.

I later decided to make her a Blacksmith/Engineer. Boy did the Gnomish Army Knife come in handy.

Besides having a nose picker, back scratcher, and whirly thing. The knife carried my necessary tools to level Engineering and Blacksmithing. I did not have to buy or create any of the following: Gyromatic Micro-Adjuster, Arclight Spanner, and Blacksmithing Hammer.

It also saved me the much needed bag space so I could hold the mats I needed to craft my junk.

This is a must have item for any alt who may be leveling a Blacksmith, Engineer, Skinner, Herbalist, or Miner.

It even acts as a Jeweler’s Kit for the leveling Jewelcrafter.

If you don’t have one, go get one now.

‘Til next time…

! Guntitan

#xperiaion Micro blogging ftw.