Happy Turkey Day from DrunkenDwarf.net!

Enjoy these screen shots.

I would like to thank my in game buddy Ace for helping me get the achievement Turkey Lurkey.  That’s how we got the following screen shot.

Try some roasted Fire Kitty! I guess that you would call it Fire Fire Kitty?

The real Fire Kitty!

Everyone be safe. Drive safe. Eat plenty!

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My Druid is Lucky!

After doing Firelands on Guntitan, I decided to try for some mounts.  For whatever reason I go on my druid.  I prowl past the adds in Sethekk Halls, kill the first boss, reach Anzu, kill it, then the Raven Lord drops.  In disbelief, I head to Magister’s Terrace, prowl past the adds, kill the 3 bosses, and reach Kael’thas Sunstrider, kill him, and the Swift White Hawkstider drops.  Within minutes of each other I got 2 rare mounts.

I still can’t believe it.  The junk thing is when I tried to go on Guntitan I ended up being saved to too many instances.

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Patch 4.3 BM buffed!


It looks like BM and SV are getting buffs. Tempted to go on the PTR to try it out.


Beast Mastery

  • Animal Handler now increases attack power by 30%, up from 25%.
  • Survival

  • Explosive Shot base damage has been increased by 16%.
  • Pet

  • Thunderstomp now scales from 0.98% of Ranged Attack Power
  • It even looks like my tenacity pets are getting a buff. Maybe they will be the AOE kings again. Imagine a gorilla solo tanking with a ass stomp animation?

    Blizzard give me more. Fix Kill Command’s range, Bestial Wrath’s cool down timer needs to be shorter, increase the damage that the hunter does during The Beast Within, and maybe increase the speed our pet runs by 30% by default.

    That should fix our DPS being on the bottom. The frog pic is just some random pic from my phone.

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    ! Guntitan

    The pics are up. The quote says it all about this set and its look.

    “we limited the use of dragon heads to the helm and chained leathery wings around the shoulders which gives the impression of a skeletal dragon crouching over the Hunter’s upper body. “

    Reminds me of the Wrath of the Lich King Collector’s Edition Frosty pet and it resting on your upper body. This is actually a set I’m looking forward to collecting. The look is amazing! I do like the tier sets that do make you look like you hunted for it. So how does the Murloc set fit in? Did we go to Elwynn Forest just to hunt Murlocs? I’m pretty sure someone made a comic about that.

    The bonuses so far are:

    • 2P — Steady Shot and Cobra Shot generate double the amount of focus.
    • 4P — Your Arcane Shot ability has a chance to grant 30% haste to you and your pet for 15 sec.

    This set bonus just screams BM to me. Since when after patch 4.1 did our pets get buffs? I do feel this is more of a way for Blizzard to test a increase in focus regeneration and haste on Hunters and their pets. Why does the set bonuses scream BM to me? First of all my strongest attack, *cough* Kill Command, as BM is highly dependent on having enough focus required to cast it. The set bonuses will also allow me to reforge away from haste and more in to Mastery or Crit.

    In the BM tree there are several abilities, besides Kill Command, dependent on Crit:

    • Killing Streak – 20% damage increase and 10 focus reduction to next Kill Command.
    • Invigoration – Self focus regeneration based on Pet critical hits.
    • Go for the Throat – Pet focus regeneration based on Your critical hits.
    • Sic ‘Em! – After Arcane shot critically hits, next pet’s ability costs 0 focus.

    Mastery gets:

    • Kill Command – Especially useful for breaking Rageface’s rage.
    • Pet Auto Attack – Constant damage increased by Mastery.
    • Claw, Bite, and Smack – Constant damage increased by Mastery.

    Basically you can build your hunter 3 ways(Crit, Mastery, or Haste) without the bonuses. If you manage to get your 4 set bonus for Tier 13, I would focus on reforging into Crit or Mastery. Dropping haste will be good but we still need people to test on the PTR. When the Theory crafters figure it out, I will post.

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    Brewfest Kodo is mine!

    After a long year wait and countless Direbrew kills the damn Kodo is mine! I managed to get the Great Brewfest Kodo on Guntitan.

    I feel relieved that my hunt is over for the Kodo, but the hunt is never over my friends. Next month during Halllow’s End the Headless Horseman will return to Azeroth to haunt us. The Headless Horseman’s Mount is next!

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    Firelands Hunter Loot

    9.14.11 EDIT: Fixed grammar and other errors. No more rushed posts.
    EDIT: I forgot a neck and some links.

    Better late than never huh? I really didn’t want to post a list until I got in to Firelands and started to raid more. Actually most of my time has been spent playing the game. I recently server transferred to a high pop server and expect to see more action soon. More on that later… for now the list.


    Head – Scalp of the Bandit Prince – 2nd BIS until you get your tier 12 token from Ragnaros. This helm is easy to get considering it’s pretty much the first boss you can take on. Firelands is odd like that where you can choose which boss you want to fight.


    Shoulders – Flickering Shoulders – Drops with 4 random enchants. This piece is also 2nd BIS until you get your tier 12 token from Majordomo Staghelm. Based on stat priority a MM or SV hunter would want the “of the Windflurry” and BM would want the “of the Windstorm” shoulder. It really is a matter of personal preference but it also depends on luck.

    Ring – Widow’s Kiss – An easy ring to get and you don’t need valor to purchase it, unlike Splintered Brimstone Seal.

    Lord Rhyolith

    Back – Dreadfire Drape – This will replace your rep cloak, Sleek Flamewrath Cloak, if you haven’t got it already. It is especially useful for its 2 gem slots. Stick 2 Delicate Inferno Rubys in there and you win with a 100 Agility increase over the rep cloak.

    Chest – Flaming Core Chestguard – 2nd BIS until you get your tier 12 chest, Flamewaker’s Tunic, from Valor points. If you are lucky enough to get this while raiding with your guild then save your Valor points for the other stuff and get your tier 12 chest piece last.

    Crossbow – Arbalest of Erupting Fury a nice drop to get unless you have already obtained Lava Bolt Crossbow from trash. BM hunter will prefer Arbalest over the Lava Bolt. Dwarves will still want their PVP gun.

    Baleroc, The Gate Keeper

    Feet – Decimation Treads – The only set of boots you can get from this patch.


    Legs – Moltenfeather Leggings – 2nd BIS until you get your tier 12 legs. If you are lucky to obtain these use your Valor points on the other stuff before you get your teir 12 legs, Flamewaker’s Legguards. I was lucky enough to get my legs from BH.

    Majordomo Staghelm

    Shoulders – Flamewaker’s Spaulders is from the token Mantle of the Fiery Protector. They will replace the shoulders from Beth’tilac.

    Hands – Grips of Unerring Precision – 2nd BIS until you get your tier 12 gloves, Flamewaker’s Gloves. If you are fortunate enough to get this while raiding with your guild then save your Valor points for the other stuff and get your tier 12 hands last.

    Trinket – The Hungerer – A good trinket. Debatable but still good. I would take it just for the more consistent agility.

    2H Weapon – Fandral’s Flamescythe – If there is a feral druid with you please pass on this so they can turn in to fire kitties. If there isn’t one, stand in Stormwind and mock the druids. Hunter’s will want the polearm Ranseur of Hatred which is from trash.


    Head – Flamewaker’s Headguard is from the token Helm of the Fiery Protector. They will replace your helm from Shannox.

    Neck – Choker of the Vanquished Lord – It is better than the one you get from valor points, Necklace of Smoke Signals.

    Trinket – Matrix Restabilizer – BIS trinket.

    Bow – Arathar, the Eye of Flame – BIS range weapon and it’s sexy.


    Polearm – Ranseur of Hatred – This is for the hunters not the druids.

    Bracers – Hide-Bound Chains – It’s good especially if you need hit. The Valor point ones are better.

    Crossbow – Lava Bolt Crossbow – Since they changed it, the bow is now better for MM and SV.

    Reputation Rewards – Avengers of Hyjal

    Friendly – Cape – Sleek Flamewrath Cloak 2nd BIS until you get the drop from Lord Rhyolith.

    Honored – Belt – Firearrow Belt – BIS. There aren’t anymore belts after this one.

    Revered – Trinket – Ancient Petrified Seed – For this guy I would say try it. As BM I can see this being beneficial during Bestial Wrath. If you are MM or SV I would skip it.

    Exalted – Ring – Viridian Signet of the Avengers – BIS slot ring.

    If you want to gear up some before Firelands I recommend doing the Molten Front dailies. They offer some good 365s. There are 3 patterns that a hunter would need. The vendors are unlocked after you turn in a bunch of Marks of the World Tree.

    Molten Front Rewards from the Vendors

    Trinket – Ricket’s Magnetic Fireball

    Ring – Matoclaw’s Band – Replace any 359 ring you might still have.

    Ring – Band of Glittering Lights – Replace any 359 ring you might still have.

    Feet – Lancer’s Greaves – Replace any stinky 359 shoes you might still be wearing.

    Molten Front rewards from the patterns, 8 Truegold, 5 Chaos Orbs, and some other stuff…

    Gun – Extreme-Impact Hole Puncher – This gun does less DPS than a 378 if you are a dwarf.

    Scope – Flintlocke’s Woodchucker – BIS scope.

    Polearm – Witch-Hunter’s Harvester – I would get this if you are still wielding a Jindo’s Verdict.

    This list should prepare you for what drops you should be expecting from Firelands and some gear you could easily obtain before hand. Good luck and Happy Hunting.

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    ! Guntitan

    Improving BM DPS as a engineer…

    I just did a few target dummy test with a Synapse Springs and Ricket’s Magnetic Fireball macro’d into my shots and without.

    #showtooltip Arcane Shot
    /use 10
    /use 13
    /cast Arcane Shot

    #showtooltip Cobra Shot
    /use 10
    /use 13
    /cast Cobra Shot

    #showtooltip Kill Command
    /cast [target=pettarget, exists] Charge
    /cast [target=pettarget, exists] Rabid
    /cast [target=pettarget, exists] Bestial Wrath
    /use 10
    /use 13
    /cast Kill Command

    I did 16k dps in about 2 mins with them macro’d to Arcane Shot, Cobra Shot and Kill Command.

    Then did 17.5-18k dps in about 2 mins with them only macro’d to Kill Command.  So I got about a 2k increase in DPS by changing my macros.  I need to run more tests but I thought my initial test results were astounding.  I think we need to do more testing and brain storming on how to improve our DPS.  Especially BM since I tested this as BM.

    ‘Til next time…

    ! Guntitan

    Cinderweb Broodlings are tamable…

    I figured this out on my own but there has been an on going thread on Petopia.

    My post. http://forums.wow-petopia.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=13784

    Original post. http://forums.wow-petopia.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=12947


    So basically Kirix isn’t a unique skin anymore.  I do have good news.  Ban’thalos, Deth’Tilac, Ankha, Skarr, Kirix, and Karkin are a part of my stable. The only tame I had a hard time with was Kirix the green spider.  For some reason when Kirix is up I have a hard time jumping across the rocks to get the buff.  When he isn’t up and I’m just there to do dailies I have no issues getting across.

    I’ve found Anthris and killed both Solix and Skitterflame by accident.

    The best new pet for this patch has to be Ban’thalos the spirit beast owl.  I love the noises it makes while attacking things.  It’s cute.  Makes you want to just grab it and pinch it’s transparent cheeks.

    ‘Til next time…

    ! Guntitan


    Zul’Aman and Zul’Gurub Hunter Loot

    EDIT: Updated for 4.2 to reflect the changes to Valor and Justice Points.  You can get better gear from Firelands trash runs and daily quests.

    The revamped instances have good gear that will replace your 346 items.  Even earning 140 Valor Points per instance will help you get 359s a little bit easier.  Beware the new instances can take a few hours to complete.


    Wristguards of the Predator – A good piece until you get the wrist from Chimaeron in Blackwing Descent.

    Pauldrons of Nalorakk – A good shoulder piece until you get your tier 11 token from Cho’gall in Bastion of Twilight.

    Breastplate of Primal Fury – A good chest piece until you get your tier 11 with 2200 Justice Points.

    Hex Lord Malacrass
    Waistband of Hexes – Most of us should use the crafted item Corded Viper Belt.  If you didn’t have a leatherworker friend or enough gold to make the 359 then get this belt.

    Headdress of Sharpened Vision – Unless you are a engineer pick up this piece until you get your tier 11 helm token from Nefarian who is in Blackwing Descent or Arion’s Crown from Bastion of Twilight.

    For completing Zul’Aman in a timely matter you could win the most famous cloak of them all the Recovered Cloak of Frostheim.


    Bloodlord Mandokir
    Amulet of the Watcher – The neck you will pick up until you replace it with a 359.

    Edge of Madness
    Handguards of the Tormented – Grab it until you replace it with the tier 11 gloves.

    High Priestess Kilnara
    Arlokk’s Signet – Easily replaceable.

    Zombie Walker Legguards – Grab it until you replace it with the tier 11 legs.

    Jin’do the Godbreaker
    Jin’do’s Verdict – Until you get Malevolence grab this staff.

    Mandokir’s Tribute – This bow is good for every single race except Dwarves.  The Gun from arena’s Vicious Gladiator’s Rifle is still better for dwarves.

    That is all for now.  I’m thinking of making a list for feral druids.  I haven’t found any online but decked out my druid in epics from these 2 instances. Sadly I’ve been running them for Chaos Orbs so I could craft and sell some BoEs to make some gold.  But that, my friends, is another post or two posts.

    ‘Til next time…

    ! Guntitan